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Although you can’t see anything, your eyes are wide open. The covers of your bed are clenched in both fists as you listen intently. You can hear it. The sound is faint and distant, but it demands your complete attention. There is a mosquito in your room.  And, there is no way you’re getting to sleep until that mosquito is dead. Does this sound like you?

How about this? You’re relaxing in a hammock or lawn chair. There was a light breeze, but it has died down. Suddenly, there’s a high pitched whine. But as soon as you start to hear it the noise is already fading, like a tiny race car passing on a miniature track. Now, instead of enjoying your relaxing time out in nature, all you can think about is the dumb mosquito.

Okay. One more. You’re hanging out around a campfire with friends and you notice that your body is doing a weird dance. Every so often your spine wiggles, your feet kick out one at a time, your shoulder flinches, or your hand does a swoop past your face. This isn’t a new dance craze. You are trying to keep those mosquitoes from taking a bite out of you.

Dealing with mosquitoes is all part of living on a planet where there are billions of them. But these pests are becoming much less of an annoyance and much more of a real threat, especially here in the United States where we’ve had some success in keeping deadly mosquito viruses at bay.

Why are mosquitoes becoming more of a threat?

These blood-eating pests have always been a threat for underdeveloped countries, especially in areas of great poverty and disease. This is because mosquitoes transfer disease from one human to the next–making a bad situation worse. But, with the increase in world travel, it only takes a few hours for an infected person to leave one of these countries and enter ours. Once here, those viruses can be picked up by local mosquito populations.

While we have one of the best medical infrastructures in the world, and it is far less common for someone in the United States to die from a mosquito-related virus, it still happens, and, it is still extremely uncomfortable to get sick with these viruses even if they don’t kill you.

Mosquito Protection

The days of mosquitoes being a simple annoyance are long gone. Protect your home and your community by taking part in mosquito control. This is the first line of defense used by our government, but it is incomplete without the help of businesses and homeowners. Be part of the solution that is keeping our country safe. Consider getting mosquito services today from the experts here at Russell’s Pest Control. We’ve been protecting our family, friends, and neighbors for almost 50 years. With Russell’s Pest Control you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting the best in pest control service at a fair price. Protect your family and your community from mosquitoes with our mosquito control service.

Mosquitoes: Pure Annoyance Or Real Threat? in Knoxville TN

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