Little Pests

Who knew that a tiny little pest that grows to be only 1/16th of an inch in length could cause such a stir? The panic over these pests is not related to size, but rather it is related to their sheer numbers. What is this tiny little pest that can draw such concern? It is the springtail. Although small, it is estimated that springtails become so numerous once they invade an area that they can reach as many as 100,000 individual pests per square meter.

It can be quite disconcerting to see hundreds of thousands of tiny purple/grey bugs moving and jumping around. At first glance, a colony of springtails seems to move as a unit appearing as if it were a long purple stream of water as they move across the ground. On closer inspection, you can clearly see that this purple stream is thousands of tiny little bugs moving and jumping like fleas.

Your first thought is concern about thousands of little flea-like bites, but do not worry, springtails do not bite, and they do not transmit diseases. In fact, they are actually quite beneficial out in nature where they help to break down decaying matter. But they are not harmless as they can damage house plants and crops.

The real problems with springtails begin when they decide to invade your home as they move in search of food. Not only is it unacceptable for you to have to live with hundreds of thousands of bugs inside your home, but an invasion of springtails can actually indicate a much larger issue. These tiny pests are drawn to moisture. Their appearance in your home can signal a moisture issue inside your walls or under your floors which is a strong indication that springtails are not the only pest you are hosting.

If you find that springtails have chosen your home, do not panic. Give the pest experts here at Russell’s Pest Control a call. We offer safe, affordable options to eliminate springtails from your home. You may choose a one-time service that safely deals with springtails, or you may choose the peace of mind that comes with year-round protection from more than 30 common pests, including springtails, when you implement one of our comprehensive Power residential pest protection plans.

Not only are our Power protection plans affordable and safe, but they are also effective at protecting your home from the year-round threat of pests. Plus our Power, Power Gold, and Power Platinum residential pest protection plans are backed by the Russell’s Pest Free Guarantee. To learn more about these industry-leading pest prevention plans or to discover the benefit of a one-time treatment for springtails, simply contact us today.

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