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Summer temperatures are now upon us and, oh the joyous fun of all those summer activities. So many things are associated with warming temperatures, ranging from beautiful flowers to the newly hatched baby birds and wildlife. However, not all things are met with such happiness.

Warm summer weather also brings an increase of fleas. Your dog is beautifully groomed, bathed and has his summer haircut. He looks so nice for all the guests you are expecting this weekend. The house seems to be immaculate, the kitchen is spic and span and the aroma of fresh baked bread is floating throughout the house. Finally, you sit down to catch your breath before the guests begin arriving. Suddenly, you notice a speck out of  the corner of your eye. You reach to brush it off your pants when it quickly disappears. You look more closely and see two or three more of those “jumping specks.” About this time, you notice your freshly groomed dog scratching with a vengeance and one word leaps into your mind…fleas!!!

Most fleas enter into the house on your pet. Some come in on mice and other unwanted rodents. They also have been known to hitch a ride on your trouser leg as you walk through the grass into the house. Flea eggs do not stay on their host. Unfortunately, they fall off and stick in the carpet or even furniture until they hatch into larvae then pupae stage. Unfortunately, the most recent batch has chosen the day of your summer bbq to become jumping and biting adult fleas.

Identifying a flea population is one thing. Coming up with a quick, successful solution is another. You can be assured this is not the time for any those over the counter products and DIY flea bombs or sprays.

Fleas are very swift reproducers and are extremely difficult to remove from the home. Normally, the adult flea is the only thing that can be seen. However, all eggs, larvae and pupae have to also be found and treated to completely eradicate the flea problem. Any pets in the house must be treated at the same time of the home treatment. Contacting professional Knoxville pest control specialists, like the experts here at Russell’s Pest Control is the best and only real complete answer to ridding your home of your flea problem.

Russell’s Pest Control has three home pest control programs that include treatment and control of fleas in the house and other residential pests. You will enjoy the benefit of quarterly pest services, Russell’s Pest Free guarantee and year round protection from more than 30 common pests. The key to keeping your home free of fleas and other household pests centers on the year round protection and guarantee. Contact Russell’s Pest Control today to select the service that best suits your needs and enjoy your pest-free* summer!

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