5 Ways To Prevent Lady Bugs & Stink Bugs From Over Wintering In Your Home

5 Ways To Prevent Lady Bugs & Stink Bugs From Over Wintering In Your Home

Did you know that stink bugs and ladybugs like to hibernate in the cold winter months? Hibernating is not just for bears anymore! Well, bugs don’t really ‘hibernate’ per say, they ‘over winter’. They basically try to find a warm place to rest and wait until spring. Your home is a perfect place for them to over winter. They certainly will be trying to get in to do just that. Here are some tips on how to keep them from overwintering in your house!

Seal up all cracks and crevices in window and door frames and sills. The wood trim around windows and doors can move and crack over time and these spaces are perfect entrance points for insects. Seal these up with some caulking or expanding foam.

Repair or replace damaged weather stripping around doors and windows. New windows and doors have nice foam or brush weather stripping that helps them to make a good seal when closed. Unfortunately, these important window and door components get torn, damaged and removed over time. Most weather stripping is easily replaced. Check with your window and door manufacturer for specifics.

Repair or replace any damaged insect screens on your door and windows. Even just a small tear is an open invitation for insects. Ladybugs and stink bugs are tiny enough to find their way in through the smallest of tears.

Fill or repair any cracks or holes in your basement wall. Insects and small rodents will find their way in through any imperfection in your basement.

Check all attic, roof, gable and eave vents for screening. Screening in these important areas will prohibit all insects from entering this stealthy way. This area is often overlooked.

As winter approaches, don’t let your house become a hibernating or over wintering home for any insect! Take these easy steps to sealing up all their entrances and enjoy a stink bug or lady bug free home this winter. If overwintering lady bugs or stink bugs are a problem for you, please call the Knoxville pest control professionals at Russell’s Pest Control and we can protect your home from these unwanted winter residents.

Bugs Cause A Stink As Colder Weather Arrives

As we enter the thick of winter, stink bugs are likely to make an appearance in homes. Homeowners can take proactive measures to help keep these smelly pests at bay this winter.

“Fortunately, stink bugs do not pose a safety or property risk to homeowners,” says Mark Nadolski, owner/general manager of Russell’s Pest Control. However, they tend to invade homes in high numbers and can become a nuisance once inside.”

Experts at the National Pest Management Association, a nonprofit organization committed to the protection of public health, food and property from household pests, offer a few simple tips to ward off stink bugs before an infestation develops.

  • Seal cracks around windows, doors, electrical outlets, ceiling fans and light switches to prevent stink bugs from entering the home.

  • Stink bugs are attracted to lights, so it’s recommended to keep outdoor lighting to a minimum.

  • Repair damaged window screens and install door sweeps on exterior doors.

  • Properly ventilate basements, attics, garages and crawl spaces to eliminate harborage points. Consider using a dehumidifier in these areas.

  • Install screens over the chimney and attic vents.

  • Keep branches and shrubbery well-trimmed, and make sure to store firewood at least 20 feet away from the house.