Bed Bug Advice You Can Trust

The internet: it’s become a necessity for most everyone in the United States. It’s not uncommon to spend countless hours searching the web these days. It is really great for some things, such as finding DIY projects you can do around your home or sharing funny videos of people (or cats!). However, it can often be misleading for other stuff…for example, having a personal conversation with someone. It’s really hard to understand the tone in a person’s text, and without facial expressions to show emotion, messages can easily be misinterpreted. Another way in which the internet is horrible is when it comes to getting advice about bed bugs.

You can’t trust just any old website when it comes to bed bugs for a couple of reasons. First, you are usually hearing advice from other homeowners, as opposed to a pest control professional. While other homeowners can certainly share their stories, they don’t have the ability to give knowledgeable instructions with industry experience behind it. And no matter what they say, there is no do-it-yourself solution to rid your property of bed bugs. Second, internet users will often use Wikipedia as a reliable source of information about bed bugs—it is not! Again, Wikipedia is written by writers, not pest control experts, and contributions can come from literally anyone. Another reason to be wary is that many times there are articles online that are written just to push a product, none of which have been proven to work. It’s misleading advertising at best, yet many homeowners fall into this trap due to the urgency they feel to remove the bed bugs quickly and with as little fuss as possible.

Basically, homeowners be warned: when it comes to bed bugs, don’t go to the internet. Contact your local pest control company and they’ll help you find a solution and give you advice that is backed by years of experience and knowledge. In fact, for residents of Knoxville TN and Eastern TN, Russell’s Pest Control has been protecting your homes from bed bugs since 1971. Here at Russell’s, we take bed bugs very seriously, and over the years we have perfected the way we eliminate them from homes. Despite what DIY blogs and forums, or other homeowners may say, the best way to eliminate bed bugs is through heat. Many homeowners aren’t aware of this. Heat is a non-toxic method for killing bed bugs in all stages of development. It’s safer, faster, and more efficient than any other product or method. Unless you are a trained pest control technician, the use of heat is not safe for homeowners to try to use on their own. Some homeowners have even started fires trying to do so. It’s not only necessary to contact Russell’s Pest Control to fully eliminate bed bugs—it’s important because the safety of your home and family are in danger if you don’t. Our bed bug service includes an inspection, a careful review of the situation, determination of proper treatment process, and then total bed bug elimination. On the day of service, we will carefully place the heat sources around your home and maintain high temperatures (over 120 degrees Fahrenheit) for a period of 3-5 hours. The heat will reach into the deepest of cracks, and into floors, ensuring the 100%  elimination of all bugs. Not only that, but we guarantee our work; if the bugs return, so will we, at no additional cost to you. Don’t trust the internet, call Russell’s Pest Control instead.

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