April Is National Pest Management Month

It’s that time of year again; the time when bugs and wildlife around, or inside, your home are going to start waking up. The warm temperatures get all those creatures moving. And, when bugs and animals get moving, they can become pests. National Pest Management Month is the perfect opportunity for each of us to share important pest control facts with each other.


If you own a home, you should know that termites cost U.S. property owners over $5 billion annually and that this damage can be prevented with the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. When you have ongoing termite protection, you decide how much you’re going to allow termites to cost you.

Every homeowner should know that moisture issues around a home is not only bad for the home, it also inspires pest infestations. Fixing gutters, leaky spigots, and trimming vegetation to allow sunlight to dry wet areas, can make a big difference in keeping pests out of a home.   

It is important that you not only stay informed but that you inform others. Bed bug infestations are a perfect example of this. When you share bed bug facts with those who live with you, you will help to prevent them from bringing bed bugs home with them. If your school-age kids know what bed bugs look like and what signs they leave behind, it could keep them from bringing these bugs home from a sleepover. If your college-age kids know important bed bug prevention tips, they are less likely to carry bugs home for the holidays. When you tell your friends and family that bed bug infestations have been found in movie theaters, libraries, senior living centers, taxi cabs, and many other places–that aren’t hotels and motels–you could save them, and you, from a bed bug infestation.

Business owners

National Pest Management Month is the perfect time of the year for business owners to remember that an Integrated Pest Management plan implemented by a trusted professional helps to manage financial and reputation challenges created by pests. It also helps a business stay in compliance with all governmental regulatory standards.

If you own a home or business in Tennessee, find out if you’re in our service area. Russell’s Pest Control provides industry-leading commercial and residential pest services in Knoxville and the surrounding area. April is the perfect time of year to get ahead of those pests.

April Is National Pest Management Month in Knoxville TN

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