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wolf spider



All You Need To Know About Wolf Spiders

Perhaps the first word that comes to mind when discussing a wolf spider is that they are very intimidating. The wolf spider is quite large in comparison to other spiders, ranging upwards of an inch or more not counting the legs. The wolf spider will bite when feeling threatened; however, their venom is rather weak and not harmful to humans. The most you can expect to experience is usually no more…

centipede crawling on ground



Are Centipedes Dangerous?

I'm seeing lots of centipedes in my basement. Should I be concerned?

termites in ground



Cold Winter Weather Makes Home More Vulnerable To Termite Infestations

Oh, the weather outside may be frightful, but what is going on inside the walls of unprotected homes can be even more frightful. Snow, ice, and wind are notorious for leaving properties damaged come springtime, and this can leave homes vulnerable to the most destructive pests. Namely, termites. This article will alert you to the property threats that are posed by these wood-eating insects, and…

happy new year



Is Dropping The Ball A Good Thing?

In the case of New Year's Eve in Times Square, it can be said that dropping the ball is a good thing. However, there are a lot of other times and places where dropping the ball is definitely not a good thing. Take controlling pests for example. If a homeowner does not keep up with pest management and their home becomes infested with pests, this "dropping the ball" is definitely bad.

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