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checking termite bait station



Why Every Home Needs A Termite Inspection

Termites. They are called "silent destroyers," and for good reason. These pesky little critters can sneak into a home and start eating away at the insides of walls and support structures for months, and even years, without anyone in the home being aware of their presence.

carpenter ant up close



What's the Big Deal About Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter Ants are destroyers. In fact, they really ought to be renamed destructor ants. That would certainly be more appropriate since they burrow into wood and weaken the structure of your home. Yes, these are a pest we all need to take seriously, because if left to their own devices, they can do some pretty serious damage over time.

wolf spider found in bathroom



Are Wolf Spiders Dangerous?

Wolf spider - It sounds like a very dangerous name for a very dangerous pest, doesn’t it? Doesn’t your mind just instantly jump to a pack of spiders surrounding a ‘herd’ of crickets and running them ragged until the weakest falls behind so they can pounce on it and kill it? Or maybe your mind envisions super extra-large howling spiders with heavy footsteps that chase people…

bed bug crawling on skin



Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs requires experience, specialized knowledge, and state-of-the-art equipment.

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