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stinging insect found on deck



Avoiding End Of Summer Stings

The final weeks of summer are here, and that means it is time to enjoy as much of the warm sunny outdoor weather as possible. There a few weekends left to dine on hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta salad, and deviled eggs, and to go with family and friends to local fairs and festivals. It is important to remember that if precautions are not taken, stinging insects like wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets…

students getting ready for college



Get Educated About Bed Bugs and School

We are seeing the signs everywhere. Much to the children’s dismay, it’s just about time to head back to school. The teachers and staff are looking at the calendar in disbelief that the summer has flown by too fast, and the kids are begging for a few more days to sleep in. Whether you have a kindergartener getting on that big yellow school bus for the first time or a college age young…

camel cricket on basement floor



Why Do I Have Camel Crickets In My Basement?

If your basement is dark and moist, that is all the incentive camel crickets need. They may have come into your home last fall when the temperatures outside dropped. Not wanting to die is a pretty big incentive for camel crickets. If you've come here looking for more of a, "how did camel crickets get into my basement?" sort of question, or a, "how do I get camel crickets out of my basement?"…

mosquito bite up close



Everyone Is Talking About Zika

There is a new virus on the block and it has everyone talking. That's how it goes. When something new happens, it is big news. But when it keeps happening, we move on and start talking about something else. For instance, we all know that crimes happen all across the country every single day. But we don't hear about the vast majority of them. Nor would we want to. It would get exhausting. The same…

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