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Yellow Jacket



Mom's Advice On Summer Pests

When you were a kid, growing up in Knoxville, did you ever catch a bee under a glass? Did you ever corral a millipede and prod at it with a pencil? Did you ever use a magnifying glass on a mound of ants--ahem--I mean study them. You know...up close. When we were kids, bugs were the coolest things. Right? But somewhere along the way we lost our innocence and came to realize that bugs--no matter how…

Home pest control



Benefits Of Quarterly Pest Control

This article is not meant to sell you on a pest service or treatment plan. It simply outlines why many homeowners decide to get quarterly pest control.




Mosquito Troubles In Knoxville, TN

You're probably not going to see this on a brochure: "Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, against the banks of the Tennessee River, Knoxville serves as the perfect blend of southern hospitality and mosquitoes."

dog in knoxville infested with fleas



Why Fleas Are So Hard To Control

Finding fleas in your home can be a real headache. These tiny, dark reddish brown insects are hard to spot and even harder to keep up with. Once you have found a flea in your home or flea bites on you or your family, it seems like in no time you have a full infestation. Fleas typically live for 100 days. Within that time, female fleas lay up to 500 eggs. They travel around on rodents and other…

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