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dog in knoxville infested with fleas



Why Fleas Are So Hard To Control

Finding fleas in your home can be a real headache. These tiny, dark reddish brown insects are hard to spot and even harder to keep up with. Once you have found a flea in your home or flea bites on you or your family, it seems like in no time you have a full infestation. Fleas typically live for 100 days. Within that time, female fleas lay up to 500 eggs. They travel around on rodents and other…

mosquito sucking a man's blood



How To Reduce Mosquitoes On Your Property

Living with mosquitoes is inevitable. They come every summer as things start to heat up. They multiply quickly and seem impossible to get rid of. These tiny, little pests can ruin a nice summer day by swarming your property. These flying pests are not only annoying, they are also dangerous. They are known for spreading diseases worldwide.What can you do this summer to help keep these pests to a…

german roach in a knoxville home



Cockroaches and Winter Weather

Roaches are one of the most common pests in Tennessee. If you’ve ever had a cockroach infestation, you know how big of a headache it can be. For every one you get rid of, it seems as though five more spring up in its place.

small house mouse in a tennessee home



Winter Chill Forces Rodents And Other Small Pests Indoors

With cold weather and snow blanketing much of the country, homeowners aren’t the only ones seeking shelter indoors. Rodents are also looking for a warm place like our homes to escape the winter chill. Unfortunately, these small pests can cause more than just a headache for homeowners if they gain entrance inside.

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