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up close image of a stinkbug



5 Ways To Prevent Lady Bugs & Stink Bugs From Over Wintering In Your Home

Did you know that stink bugs and ladybugs like to hibernate in the cold winter months? Hibernating is not just for bears anymore! Well, bugs don’t really ‘hibernate’ per say, they ‘over winter’. They basically try to find a warm place to rest and wait until spring. Your home is a perfect place for them to over winter. They certainly will be trying to get in to do just…

brown recluse spider



What To Know About Spiders In Knoxville

What has 8 legs and is quite possibly the scariest insect of all? Yep, you guessed it, spiders. Spiders come in every shape, size, color and personality. Some are actual hunters while others just sit and wait for their next meal to drop by. Either way, they are definitely creepy. The real question is, what spiders do you really have to worry about?

mosquito biting



Do-able Mosquito Prevention Tips For This Summer

Mosquitoes are quite possibly the biggest menace of summer. These buzzing, irritating, blood sucking, disease ridden, flying menaces are all but impossible to avoid. They aren’t picky about who or what they bite in search of their next blood meal and they reproduce quickly and numerously. What can you do to protect your family this summer? Here are a few easy tips to help you and your loved…

Yellow jacket in Knoxville



Every Yellow Jacket Stings

We're having a little fun on the blog today.  This post about yellow jackets  is best read to the tune of Poison’s “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”.

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