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cockroach feeding on dirty plate



How To Get Rid Of Roaches

Have you ever asked someone how to get rid of cockroaches and gotten the response, "Good luck!"? There is a good reason. Roaches are incredibly resilient insects. Do you know that a cockroach can live for weeks without its head? It's true. And, when it finally dies from not having its head, it isn't because of suffocation. It dies from thirst. Here are a few more reasons cockroaches are hard to…




What Makes Flea Populations Thrive

Fleas can seem like a mysterious pest, appearing out of nowhere and multiplying like crazy, but the more you learn about these tiny little biters, the more you'll realize that they're not really all that mysterious after all. There are really only a couple of things that will allow them to thrive in your home and in your yard.




Why do I Fleas In My Home & What Can I do?

This is a statement we hear all the time here at Russell's Pest Control. Fleas have got to be one of the most tenacious and irritating pests around. I mean, you don’t even have to own a pet to get fleas. How infuriating is that? And fleas can put rabbits to shame with the rate with which they are able to reproduce! Fleas seem to come out of nowhere in a hurry, and one seemingly lone flea on…

headshot of cynthia



In Memory ~ Cynthia Eldridge

She could make us laugh and she could make us mad, recently she made us cry.

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