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spider spinning its web



Spiders Predicting A Long Harsh Winter?

In the midst of all your fall activities and busy preparations for the winter months, it dawns on you that there are numerous spiders everywhere…in the garage, the basement, and yes, inside the house!  Why are there so many spiders this year?

dog itching because of flea problems



Adult Fleas Are Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

Are fleas driving you and your pets crazy? Have you already washed all the bedding in the house and vacuumed all the rugs twice, but those fleas won't go away? It can be a real pain to get rid of these blood-eating pests, especially if you don't understand what you're up against. The scary truth about fleas is that only 5 percent of the fleas in your home are adult fleas. Those are the ones you…

camel crickets near a tennessee home



Is That A Cricket In My Basement?

In the dark corners of a basement it is sometimes hard to figure out exactly what you're looking at, and camel crickets don't make it easy. Their long, thin legs make them look like a spider which is not all that big of a deal, until they come flying out of the darkness at you. If you're wondering if you have camel crickets in your basement, and would rather not be scared half to death when they…

bed bug found on skin



Avoid Bed Bugs This Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday will soon be upon us and we will be engulfed in turkey and dressing, pies and more pies! Some of you will travel great distances to be with family and close friends. Others of you will receive guests into your home and enjoy spending your Thanksgiving holiday together. Traveling is just a part of the holiday. There is one nuisance pest that seems to really enjoy traveling…

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