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Russell’s Turns Up the Heat on Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs. Just the mention of their name and I start to feel as if they are crawling all over my skin. I start to scratch my arms, legs and behind my neck and feel certain they must have taken up residence in my home too! It’s even worse than mentioning lice for me, because at least lice are fairly easy to spot and eliminate. Bed bugs are far more sinister! They are sneaky little pests that…

ants found on a knoxville floor



How Knoxville Residents Can Get Rid Of Ants

These little black insects have found their way into your home in search of food. They will forage for food until they find an easy source. If they decide your home is an easy target for food, they will mark a trail and lead their colony there. Your home can make the perfect environment for a newly established ant colony. They need shelter, food and water to thrive and you happen to have all…

image of a wasp sting



4 Ways To Reduce The Threat Of Bee And Wasp Stings

Having a bee or wasp sting you can ruin a perfect summer day. It can also become very dangerous, if you are allergic to these stings. That is why it is important to understand these stinging insects and how to avoid them during the summer. It is important to know that these insects are usually not aggressive. They usually only sting when they feel threatened. That is why it is so important to stay…

mosquito sucking a man's blood



How To Reduce Mosquitoes On Your Property

Living with mosquitoes is inevitable. They come every summer as things start to heat up. They multiply quickly and seem impossible to get rid of. These tiny, little pests can ruin a nice summer day by swarming your property. These flying pests are not only annoying, they are also dangerous. They are known for spreading diseases worldwide.What can you do this summer to help keep these pests to a…

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