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A termite worker isn't much to look at. It's only about a ½ inch long at most, depending on the species. If you were to hold one in your hand, you would have a hard time believing that it could present any kind of real danger to your home. But, finding thousands of these tiny, pale insects crawling around inside a wall of your home during a reconstruction project would change your mind real quick. This is an experience most people can't put into words. It is like being robbed. You can't wrap your mind around the overwhelming mixture of emotions. It isn't the thought of how much damage these insects have done that hits you first. It is the fear that the damage done can never be completely fixed. It can be a helpless feeling. Fortunately, that damage can be fixed, and there is life after dealing with a termite infestation. But it is not an experience any homeowner wishes to repeat. So how does this happen? How do thousands of termites get into a home and feed on it for years without anyone knowing? It all has to do with the way termite workers behave. Understanding this is the secret to why nothing beats the Sentricon® System with Always Active™.
Worker termites don't crawl on the ground; they tunnel under it. When they enter your yard, you're not going to see them. They will build intricate tunnels as they search every inch of your property for wood that touches the soil. If they find it, they will tunnel up into that wood while feeding and recruit other workers to do the same, slowly breaking down the cellulose one bite at a time.
As they work inside wood, they rarely chew through to the outside world. This is because termite workers have an aversion to lightassuming they are born with eyes, as some aren't. Workers that don't have eyes must rely on the pheromone scents left by other workers to help them avoid the light. And they do a pretty good job of it. You'll hardly ever see termites expose themselves, especially during the day. And if they do happen to breach a tunnel wall, they work quickly to patch the hole with dirt.
Another reason termite workers don't like the outside world is because they have very thin skin that requires a lot of moisture. If they go out into the air or exposed to the sun, they can dry up and die. So the only location you're likely to see termites exposed will be in damp, dark places.
How dark is dark? Pretty dark, actually. When worker termites come into the darkness of a crawl space, they sometimes create shelter tubes on the inside of concrete piers to give them even more darkness. This makes them even more difficult to detect.
If you want to find termites on your property, even under your home or under a deck, you're probably going to have to do some digging. This is what professionals used to have to do before Sentricon®. And some still do it!
Sentricon® with Always Active™ makes termite detection a breeze because it uses the natural behavior of termite workers against them.

  • Since termites come up from the ground to find wood, Sentricon® bait stations are put into the ground where the bait can be found by those worker termites. And the bait developed for Sentricon® has been scientifically proven to be more interesting to termites than wood. That's saying something when wood is their preferred food.

  • Since termite workers recruit other termites to collect a food source, a large amount of bait will be taken.

  • When termite workers feed, they share their food with each other through a process call trophallaxis so the bait will work its way through the colony.

  • All termite workers do not focus on one food source. Some continue to search for food while a food source is being acquired. This ensures that the bait in the Sentricon® stations will be found by worker termites.

  • The Sentricon® bait is undetectable to termites. That means it will go all the way to the queen and work to eliminate the colony.

Whether you're a new homeowner or you've owned your home for years, don't wait to protect your home from these hidden invaders. Get termite control you can trust! Invest in the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ and take the guesswork out of termite protection.


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