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When is Termite Season in Knoxville?

In Knoxville and nationwide, termites are a year-round pest problem. That said, termites often swarm in the warmer months of the year. Because people can spot termites swarming occasionally, it is said that spring or summer is “termite season”.

As unfortunate as it is for property owners, termites can be more or less active throughout each season. This makes them a near-constant threat to homes all year long in Tennessee. Even if you don’t spot swarming termites in the spring or summer, they are still active in the fall and winter.

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Are Termites More Active When it's Warm?

It’s true that termites swarm and prefer warm weather days. In fact, most termites prefer daytime temperatures that are warmer than 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Subterranean termites also are drawn to more wet climates. Due to these preferences, it’s no wonder why Knoxville TN is such a hot spot for termite activity. 

Termites generally swarm on a warm afternoon after a rainy day with no wind present. This gives them plenty of opportunities to swarm in the Tennessee spring or summer.

How Do Termites Survive the Winter?

Even when temperatures drop, termites can still actively infest your home. Although they may not swarm in the winter, they are still active in the following ways:

  1. During the fall months, termites will seek out wood or soil locations that they can easily burrow through to protect themselves from colder temperatures.
  2. When temperatures dip below freezing, they will dig deeper into the soil.
  3. The queen termite will continue to produce and lay eggs on mild days, even during the winter.
  4. Termites will still actively reproduce and tunnel through wood, even in the winter.

When Are Termites Most Dangerous?

Termites are dangerous all year long. Although visible termites are seen during the spring and summer as they take flight to reproduce, they can infest wood in or around your home throughout the year. Since termite activity can progress for years without being detected, it’s crucial to get regular inspections from a professional who knows when and where to look.

When is Termite Season in Knoxville? in Knoxville TN

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