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How Do Termites Spread in Knoxville?

Termites spread when they swarm in the spring and summer. They also can silently spread for months or years before being discovered, which is how infestations can get worse over time. 

The rate and speed at which termites spread has to do with several factors that either encourage or inhibit their growth:

  • Availability of cellulose sources
  • Presence of wood in contact with soil
  • Amount of moisture present
  • Climate and regional factors
  • Maturity of the colony
How do termites spread in Knoxville TN - Russell's Pest Control

Do Termite Infestations Spread Quickly?

Compared to some pests, termite colonies don’t spread rapidly. However, an infestation can grow in size over time, as they often are not discovered until the colony is mature. A large termite colony can eat up to a pound of wood per day. Over time, this can really add up and cause damage to your home or business.

Termite colonies can contain anywhere from a few hundred to thousands (or millions) of insects, and queen termites can lay as many as 30,000 eggs in one day. Termites spread into new colonies by traveling through underground mud tubes or cracks in the walls, and by swarming to begin new colonies.

Can I Get Termites From My Neighbors?

If you see your neighbors have their property tented for termites, it’s easy to understand why you might panic and think you have a termite problem as well. However, that’s not always the case. When homes are built simultaneously or with already-infested wood, there’s a chance termites might be infesting homes simultaneously. 

Keep in mind that termite infestations are unpredictable. For that reason, if you see a tent over your neighbor’s home, there’s little reason to panic. Simply take preventative measures and schedule an inspection to continually prevent termites.

Termite Infestations in Knoxville TN

Likely the biggest danger associated with termite activity is the fact that they can spread without being noticed. Although they won’t infest an entire neighborhood, seeing your neighbor infested with termites should encourage you to utilize a professional termite control company to help protect you from termites all year long.

How Do Termites Spread in Knoxville? in Knoxville TN

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