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What Do Termites Damage?

Termites can damage any structure or item that contains cellulose. Inside or outside Knoxville area homes, termites can target a number of areas. Inside, they can damage support beams, flooring, posts, wall studs, and more. Termites also are capable of damaging plaster and the foam insulation inside your home. In your backyard, they can easily damage piles of lumber, fallen logs, wooden decks, outdoor furniture, and more. Needless to say, termites can damage a lot of items inside or outside your home—this is a key reason why they’re so feared.

What do termites damage in Knoxville TN - Russell's Pest Control

Termite Wood Damage

Termites feed on and live in wood due to the cellulose it contains. If wooden structures or anything else is in contact with the soil, termites are especially prone. Most homes these days are built primarily with wood, which is why termites find your property so appealing. Inside, this means your walls, support beams, drywood, ceilings, floor boards, baseboards, windows, and insulation. In your backyard, termites can infest piles of firewood, roof tiles, patio furniture, decaying logs, and more. This makes it important to always look for signs or termite damage. 

Are There Termite-Resistant Materials?

Termites of course feed on and target wood. But what about other materials? Here’s what termites typically cannot infest:

  1. Treated lumber: This has chemicals in it that both prevents rot and makes it undesirable to pests. This is why treated lumber is often used in new builds.
  2. Cement/concrete: Termites will not eat through these, as the material is too solid and lacks cellulose. They can make their way through small cracks in concrete, however.
  3. Metal: Again, metal does not contain cellulose and is thus not suitable for termites.
  4. Redwood/cedar: These types of wood are somewhat naturally resistant to termites. However, decay can attract termites to both of these.

Why Do Termites Target Wood?

Termites need cellulose to survive, which is the substance found within wood. Extreme damage typically occurs after a 5-year infestation. To keep all wooden structures in or around your home safe from termites, it’s best to team up with a professional pest control expert such as Russell’s.

What Do Termites Damage? in Knoxville TN

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