Spider prevention tips from Russell's Pest Control in Knoxville TN

No one wants to deal with spiders inside their property! As with most pests, the best way to avoid an infestation is to implement regular spider prevention methods to keep them out. Knowing how to keep spiders away properly can protect you and your family members from encountering spiders in your home.

By regularly inspecting your Knoxville area property and implementing spider prevention methods, you can lessen the risk of a spider infestation. Read on for top spider prevention tips from Russell’s Pest Control.

How to Prevent Spiders in Knoxville

No one wants a bunch of spiders crawling around their property! Five ways you can lessen the risk of spiders getting indoors in the first place include:

  1. Always inspect boxes and pieces of furniture for egg sacs or live spiders before moving them indoors.
  2. Locate and seal any potential entry points around your foundation, walls, or windows to stop spiders from crawling in.
  3. Maintain a clean, tidy home to prevent the many types of insects that spiders prey on.
  4. Place sticky traps in specific rooms to monitor spider activity.
  5. Keep your grass mowed and all vegetation trimmed. Spiders are attracted to bushes, shrubs, woodpiles, and compost piles in your yard.

All-natural Spider Prevention—Does it Work?

When it comes to getting rid of pests, DIY or all-natural solutions simply don’t hold up. At Russell’s Pest Control, we understand why people look for all-natural pest control solutions. That said, there are a few methods that may work to prevent spiders in the first place. A fine layer of diatomaceous earth sprinkled across the perimeter of your property will kill any spider that crawls across it. In addition, peppermint, tea-tree, citrus, and eucalyptus essential oils are all known to deter spiders. Even if these work to prevent spiders, they will not be a long-term spider control solution.

How to Keep Spiders Away for Good

Keeping spiders outside your home can be overwhelming. The experts at Russell’s Pest Control can help! If you’re seeing an excessive amount of spiders or webs in your home—or if you’ve spotted a black widow, brown recluse, it’s best to call a spider exterminator. Our team will thoroughly inspect your property to determine any sources of the spider problem. For more information, give us a call!

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