Defiant mouse sneaking into Knoxville TN house in July; get expert tips on avoiding summer rodent issues from Russell's Pest Control

Mice are often considered a fall and wintertime problem because that’s when temperatures get cold, resources get meager, and rodents are forced indoors for survival. This is all true, but there are many reasons why mice and other rodents come indoors during the summer too. It’s true: rodents are not just a cold-weather problem.

There are many reasons why mice, rats, and other rodents may want to get into your house during the summer. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can prevent this from happening.

What Attracts Rodents in the Summertime?

When there are rodents in a neighborhood, they will pick on any home that makes it easy for them. So how do you make sure they don’t pick yours? Start by considering what might attract them to your property. Rodents have a very keen sense of smell, so generally speaking, anything that smells strongly or smells like food will be of interest to them.

Here are a few things that frequently attract rodents to properties:

  • Unsecured garbage and compost piles
  • Fruit trees and vegetable gardens
  • Overgrown trees and shrubs
  • Woodpiles and other organic debris
  • Pet food that is left out between feedings

Rodent Exclusion Tips for Your Home

If rodents have access to any of the above-listed things on your property, you can bet it’s only a matter of time before they come sniffing around your home. If there is an opening in the exterior structure, they will find it. Your home provides an abundance of food and water resources, so once inside, rodents will not want to leave.

Therefore, the best way to deal with rodents is to make sure you’re up-to-date on rodent exclusion measures. Here are a few important things you can do to help prevent rodent infestations:

  • Seal any cracks or openings found in the foundation of your home
  • Check that chimneys are tightly covered
  • Repair any holes along your home’s roofline and replace missing or broken roof shingles
  • Trim back overgrown vegetation away from your home
  • Remove trash regularly; wash dishes and keep the sink clean at night
  • Keep outdoor trash with a locking lid and away from your home
  • Clear your basement and other storage areas of clutter to limit the places where rodents can hide

Do Rodents Come Indoors to Get Out of the Heat?

We know that rodent activity often occurs in the wintertime because rodents come indoors to get out of the cold, but the opposite is also true. Yes, rodents will come indoors to escape the sweltering heat.

Your house is especially appealing to rodents if it has air conditioning or a cozy and cool basement or crawl space. That’s just one more reason why proper exclusion measures are a vital part of rodent prevention.

Will Mice Leave House in the Summer?

If you have a rodent problem in your house that you’re hoping will disappear in the summer because the weather outside is nice, think again. Rodents will rarely ever leave a place if they can find everything they need there. That’s food, water, and shelter. If they have access to that, they will not be going elsewhere anytime soon.

Rodent Exclusion and Removal Experts

No matter what season it is, you want to get rid of a rodent problem as soon as you notice there is one. When that’s the case, our rodent control experts are standing by and ready to help. We also specialize in state-of-the-art rodent exclusion methods, so if you ever have any questions, reach out to us.

At Russell’s, we specialize in solving rodent problems quickly and giving you peace of mind with long-term results. Call us today for a free quote on your service.

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