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As early fall approaches, rats and mice become more active – making it crucial to adopt rodent exclusion strategies. These pests are always looking for ways into warm, cozy places like your Knoxville home. Once inside, they can rapidly multiply, escalating the problem from a minor nuisance to a severe infestation.

Neglecting rodent control even for a single season can leave your residence at risk for an invasion. Remember, rodents are tenacious and ingenious in finding entry points to your comfortable living spaces. So by diligently following prevention measures throughout the year, you can make sure these unwelcome guests stay out.

When Is Rodent Season in Knoxville?

In Knoxville, rodents typically become a noticeable problem from September to November as the temperatures drop. During this time, these creatures are in search of warm shelters to overwinter, and sadly, your house could be their ideal destination. As natural food sources become scarce with the onset of colder weather, rodents, driven by hunger, may start invading homes. This makes the fall months critical for implementing preventive strategies against these pests.

How to Keep Rodents Out Every Season

To make sure there are fewer rodents around your home throughout the year, we advise arranging for an annual property inspection conducted by professional rodent exterminators. These inspections are essential as they help identify early signs of rodent activity, allowing for swift action to be taken before these initial sightings evolve into serious infestations.

Starting rodent control treatments at the beginning of each fall helps improve your home’s defenses against these pests and minimizes future stress and effort required in dealing with them.

Your Knoxville Rodent Exterminators All-Year Long

For over 50 years, Russell’s Pest Control has developed a solid reputation in Knoxville as a reliable pest control service for both commercial and residential clients. We are dedicated to delivering outstanding service and ensuring your satisfaction with our effective solutions.

Our tailor-made rodent exclusion plans are crafted to meet the specific needs of your property, guaranteeing effective and durable outcomes. Don’t wait for rodents to become a huge issue! Reach out to our experienced team now to safeguard your property from these persistent pests.

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