Gray mouse in a lawn - Keep rodents away from your property with Russell's Pest Control in Knoxville TN

Dealing with rats or mice in your yard can quickly escalate into a larger problem – invading your household. To prevent such an intrusion, it’s crucial to stop these rodents from establishing a home outside your property. 

By taking proactive steps to manage your outdoor space, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of rats and mice entering your walls, attic, or crawl spaces.

Why There Are Rats In Your Yard

Rats and mice will settle in your yard if they find conditions that provide shelter and a steady food supply. In Knoxville, these rodents face numerous natural predators, prompting them to constantly seek safe environments. 

They typically choose to build their nests in secluded outdoor areas like sheds, under cars, within woodpiles, or amidst piles of yard waste. Once rodents establish themselves in these areas, they often find it easier to migrate into our homes in search of further shelter and resources.

How To Keep Mice Out Of Cars

During the colder months in Knoxville, finding that mice or rats have nested in your car’s engine compartment is not uncommon. Indicators like an unpleasant smell from your car’s ventilation system or mouse droppings inside your vehicle are telltale signs of a rodent invasion. 

To address this issue, you could use natural deterrents such as cedarwood chips, peppermint oil, or even dog hair, placing them inside your car. Setting up mouse traps is another effective method. Alternatively, keeping your car’s hood open might discourage rodents as it makes the engine too cold and exposed for them to feel secure.

Russell’s Pest Control Will Keep Rats Out of Your Yard

Identifying potential entry points around your home where rodents could sneak in is often a challenging task without professional assistance. So the best decision for rat exclusion is to enlist the help of rodent control experts, such as those from Russell’s Pest Control. 

Our skilled technicians are licensed and certified to conduct comprehensive property inspections. They will pinpoint and remove all potential rodent entry points and nesting sites, effectively helping to protect your home from these unwelcome guests all year round. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free service quote!

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