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If you have had to deal with rodents in your home or business, perhaps you are ready for a fresh start at getting rid of rodents. Any time rodents get into man-made structures, problems are a certainty. Chew holes, droppings, and food and surfaces being tainted with bacteria are just a few things that rodents are famous for.

Common Rats & Mice

Here are a few common types of rats and mice to look out for during a possible infestation:

  • House Mouse: This mouse has dull grayish-brown fur with a tail that is the same length as its body and is thicker and more scaly than other species. Its presence can be detected by a distinctive strong, “stale” odor. The voice of this mouse is a familiar high-pitched squeak. When these mice get into homes and multiply, they chew holes through wood and other things, which can cause heat or cool air to escape. They also chew on wires, which may spark a fire. When they get into food storage and food preparation areas, they can spread harmful bacteria, which can spread disease. And, they also carry secondary pests such as mites, ticks, and fleas.
  • Norway Rat: A Norway rat can grow to eight inches in length. Its body is covered in shaggy brown or gray fur. Its ears and tail are covered in scales. Its tail is shorter than its head. The body and droppings are capsule-shaped. One problem these rats bring is that they spread diseases such as murine typhus, babesiosis, RMSF (via the ticks they carry), and even leptospirosis.
  • Roof Rat: A roof rat has thick fur and ranges in color from brown to black, with gray to white fur on its underbelly. This rat can grow to be around 16 inches long, with a tail and body each of equal length. These rats like to be up high and will typically chew their way in through rooflines, but they can make holes anywhere. When they get into man-made structures, they pose the same issues as other ro

How Russell’s Pest Control Can Help with Any Type of Rodent

If you are already seeing or hearing the signs of rodent presence in your home, the best course of action is to partner with a professional rodent control company. Russell’s Pest Control, with its extensive experience in providing effective rodent solutions since 1971, is your reliable partner in this battle. Contact one of our friendly associates for a free estimate today!

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