small black ground beetle in tennessee

How To Identify Ground Beetles?

Ground beetles are black with some red markings on their antenna. They are about a half an inch long with grooved lines running down their back on their wings. They are referred to as a “common black ground beetle”. There are many different similar species of the ground beetle.

Why Do I Have a Ground Beetle Problem?

New ground beetles emerge in the summer when they are searching for prey. They eat caterpillars, grub, worms, slugs and snails. They live under leaves, rocks and old logs. They enjoy living in moist fields, woods and gardens. They hunt mostly at night and thus are considered to be nocturnal.

Are Ground Beetles Dangerous?

Ground beetles are not dangerous to humans or pets. They feed only on other insects and can actually be beneficial to your garden. They help protect your garden from destructive bugs.

How Do I Control Ground Beetles?

If you have a ground beetle infestation that is getting out of control call a professional pest exterminator to help you eliminate this problem. The friendly folks at Russell’s Pest Control can help you set up a plan to eliminate these pests and keep them away.

How Do I Prevent Ground Beetles?

To help prevent these pests from infesting your property try to reduce the moisture around your property. Also eliminating places for them to hide will help. These beetles do not like to be seen and hide under rocks, logs and leaves.


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