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Briceville, a rural community in Anderson County, Tennessee has a rich history in the mining and railroad industry and offers beautiful mountain views and plenty of outdoor adventures for today’s residents to enjoy.

To help you maintain your Briceville property and keep the many pests that live in our area of Tennessee from introducing disease, damaging property, and contaminating food sources, the area’s local pest experts at Russell’s Pest Control offer affordable, eco-friendly pest control services.

To learn more about how we can work together to protect your Briceville home and family from the potential dangers and damage that our area's pests can inflict, get in touch with Russell’s Pest Control and speak with one of our friendly professionals!

Residential Pest Control In Briceville, TN

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The easiest and most effective way to keep damaging and dangerous pests out of your Briceville home is to partner with the local pest control experts at Russell’s Pest Control. Our professionals provide the services needed to eliminate current pest problems and keep future unwanted visitors from finding their way into your home.

To protect your home from pests throughout the entire year, we offer four different Power Programs, each with a different service option to meet the unique needs of different homes, homeowners, and budgets. Each of the residential pest control programs offers year-round protection against over 30 common household pests and offers our Russell’s Pest Free Guarantee.

  • Power – This program includes an initial inspection and treatment visit and quarterly follow-up visits.

  • Power Gold – This is our most popular option and includes everything in our basic Power Package, but has the added benefits of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ to eliminate and control termites.

  • Power Plus+ - This program includes an initial inspection and treatment and quarterly follow-up visits. It also offers mosquito control, carpenter bee service, fire ant service, and flea and tick yard service.

  • Power Platinum - This program is our most comprehensive program. It includes an initial inspection and treatment, quarterly pest service visits, the installation of Sentricon® with Always Active™, and monthly service visits for mosquitoes, ticks, fire ants, and carpenter bees from April thru September.

To learn more about protecting your Briceville home from the year-round threat of pests, call Russell’s Pest Control and speak with one of our helpful professionals.

Rodent Prevention Tips In Briceville, TN

Rodents are very opportunistic pests, they live outside in the wild, but are easily attracted to residential properties that offer them food, water, and shelter. Things like overgrown vegetation and other debris that they can hide within, unsecured garbage cans, gardens, compost piles, and bird feeders often attract rodents.

Once on your property, these sneaky creatures have the ability to squeeze their way into your home through any small crack or crevice that they come across. To prevent rodents from being attracted to your property and being in close proximity to your home, we want to offer some helpful prevention tips:

  • Remove any construction materials or other debris from your property.

  • Clean up leaf and grass piles.

  • Firewood should be stored up off of the ground and a good distance away from the exterior of your home.

  • Remove bird and animal feeders from your property.

  • Make sure that all trash cans have tight-fitting lids on them and that all trash is placed in those containers until trash pick-up day.

  • Trim overgrown shrubs and bushes back away from the exterior of your home.

If you ever discover rodents living on your Briceville property or inside of your home, the easiest way to get rid of them and prevent their return is to call the rodent control professionals at Russell’s Pest Control. Reach out to us today to learn more about our rodent elimination services.

Commercial Pest Control In Briceville, TN

commercial pest control technician inspecting business in briceville tn

At Russell’s Pest Control, let us take care of your pest control needs so that you can spend more of your time taking care of your customers and employees. Our commercial pest control services are performed by our team of experts that are committed to surpassing your expectations and offering you the most advanced pest protection:

  • A full inspection of your property and facility.

  • Identifying pest pressures and what may be attracting pests to your facility.

  • The development of a customized pest management plan that follows your industry’s regulations.

Call Russell’s Pest Control today to learn more about protecting your Briceville business from insects and rodents through our customizable commercial pest control services.

Protect Your Briceville, TN Property From Termites

The termite is a pest that causes damage to homes and other properties from the inside out. They enter our homes through cracks in the foundation while out foraging for food. Once inside, they are drawn to the structural wood found inside, especially if it has been previously damaged by water, to feed their colony with.

Termites, unlike ants which are commonly found wandering in and around homes, are rarely seen by people because they spend their whole lives inside of the wood they are tunneling through and feeding on. A termite infestation is typically only noticed once the termite’s damage is discovered. To protect your Briceville home from becoming damaged by “silently” feeding termites, it is imperative that you take action and implement a professional termite control service.

To protect your home and prevent costly damage caused by termites, the pros at Russell’s Pest Control highly recommend installing Sentricon® with Always Active™ onto your property. Sentricon® with Always Active™ works very effectively to eliminate active termite infestations and to prevent termite infestations, providing a long-term solution to protect your home from wood-eating termites. 

To learn more about the benefits of protecting your property from termites with the help of Sentricon® with Always Active™, give us a call today!


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