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What Do Mosquitoes Look Like?

There are thousands of species of mosquitoes across the globe, and most possess very similar characteristics. Some of the most common shared characteristics are as follows. 

  • Adult mosquitoes are only about ¼ – ½ of an inch long. They weigh less than 2.5 mg.
  • The color of the mosquito varies depending on its species. Common types found in the U.S. can be gray or brown in color with white stripes and iridescent, hair-like scales.
  • Mosquitoes possess two long wings, slender bodies that rest in a “humpback” position, and long dangling legs.
  • The most noticeable trait is their long proboscis, which is made up of mouthparts that enable the insect to suck fluids.
What do mosquitoes look like? | Knoxville TN | Russell's Pest Control

How to Tell if It's a Mosquito

Mosquitoes and other insects are frequently mistaken for each other. That said, they have two unique body parts that help distinguish them from other bugs: scale-covered wings that give them a fringe-like appearance, and their beak-like proboscis. Mosquitoes are typically smaller than you may assume, which is why many people confuse them for bigger insects such as crane flies. The best way to tell if it’s a mosquito is to look at its habits: is it around standing water in the shade? Has it bitten you? Chances are it’s a mosquito!

Bugs That Look Like Mosquitoes

Most of us have misidentified a crane fly, midge, gnat, or mayfly as a mosquito. Here’s how these bugs differ from mosquitoes:

  1. Crane flies: Also called mosquito hawks, these insects can look like giant mosquitoes because they are nearly double the size. They are harmless and will not draw blood.
  2. Mayflies: The mayfly has larger, upward slanting wings and does not possess the proboscis. Mayflies do not bite or sting.
  3. Midges/gnats: Although somewhat related to mosquitoes, midges rarely bite and do not transmit disease. They appear in large swarms and lack a proboscis.

Mosquitoes Found in Knoxville?

Nationwide, there are 150 species of mosquitoes. The three frequently found here in Knoxville include the Culex mosquito, Asian tiger mosquito (aedes), and yellow fever mosquito. To help identify what type of mosquito you are dealing with, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional mosquito exterminator.

What Do Mosquitoes Look Like? in Knoxville TN

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