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German Roaches Can Be A Maddening Nightmare If They Have Invaded Your Home

And, if you have heard that cockroaches can survive even a nuclear explosion, you may be feeling defeated before you even begin to battle them. But, take heart, that myth is not true. There are ways to eliminate roaches from your home and to keep them out.

Identification Of A German Cockroach (Blattella germanica)

This roach has an identity problem, as it did not actually originate from Germany. It is more likely that this roach came from Asia but, regardless of its origin, it now occupies every area of the globe. The "German" cockroach is a flat, oval-shaped insect with 2 antennae, 6 legs, and 2 sets of wings that stack on its back and are rounded at the tips. This roach is tan with 2 dark brown parallel stripes on the back of its head, and it has tiny thorn-like tactile spines on its legs. These roaches climb walls and traverse ceilings with ease, and are even able to fly (although they rarely do). What differentiates this species of cockroach from other roaches is its smaller size. A full grown German cockroach measures a mere ⅝ of an inch at most.

German Cockroach Prevention Tips

  • Remove water sources from around your perimeter, so as not to draw roaches and other pests in close. This can be done by checking gutters for break or obstructions, repairing leaky spigots or hoses, addressing areas that get excessive shade, and aerating the ground to allow rainwater to seep in. And, when you protect your perimeter from moisture, you'll also prevent wood rot, which attractive to pests as well.

  • Trim back all vegetation from your home. Pests use these as bridges to reach your walls.

  • Be sure all of your trash is stored in tightly sealed containers, both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor trash that is exposed will not only give cockroaches a bite to eat, it will lure them in with its odor.

  • It is not possible to deter all cockroaches from coming into your yard and exploring your exterior walls, so it is important to use exclusion as the next line of defense. Examine the outside of your foundation and walls and seal up any gaps, holes, or cracks you may find, paying close attention to areas around where objects enter the building, things such as wires, pipes, or appliances.

  • Make sure all of your window and door screens, weather stripping, and door sweeps are present and in good working order. German cockroaches, especially young ones, can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps. But, be aware that no matter how hard you work to seal your walls you may still have these cockroaches coming in. Exclusion is helpful but it is not a complete solution for roaches, especially tiny roaches like the German cockroach.

  • Inside, put dirty dishes in a sink full of soapy water if you cannot wash them right away. Stack dishes next to a sink, or in a dry sink, are a buffet for cockroaches.

  • Deep clean, especially areas where food particles may be present. It doesn't take much of a crumb to feed a hungry cockroach. Make sure you get hard to reach places, like between the oven and the wall. Not only do these locations collect food remnants, they are frequented by cockroaches because roaches like to be locations where their bellies and their backs touch two hard surfaces.

  • Vacuum regularly. This will keep these tiny roaches from finding a meal in your carpets.

  • Consider putting pantry and kitchen foods that come in cardboard or paper, inside sealed plastic containers. This will keep the smells in and the roaches out.

Get Rid Of An Active Infestation

While implementing the above DIY tips may help you to reduce the number of new cockroaches finding their way into your home, they will not help in eliminating a current infestation. In order to totally get rid of German cockroaches, professional help is advised. Here at Russell's we understand cockroaches and will take all steps necessary in eliminating these frustrating insects for good. Reach out to Russell's today for prompt assistance and complete relief from cockroaches.


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