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No restaurant owner ever wants to see cockroaches in their kitchen. It is the kind of problem that can keep you up at night. When those roaches first appear, it may not seem like a big deal because insects are always making an appearance in your kitchen. But cockroaches are no ordinary insect. Roaches breed quickly and get into everything. This can lead to low employee morale, bad reviews from customers, unwanted demerits on inspections, and a visit from an eager reporter looking to be a hero to the community. Next thing you know, you're on the dirty dining list and life gets even harder. When cockroaches appear, this is what you need to know.

Before those cockroaches got into your kitchen, they got into your building. No amount of interior pest control will fix your problem if you don't have exterior pest control as well. You're going to need to address the conditions outside that may be inviting cockroaches to come into your yard and up next to your foundation walls.

What You Can Do

  • Address areas of moisture around your restaurant. If there is a clogged or obstructed gutter that is allowing water to run down the side of your building, it needs to be fixed. When the ground becomes moist, cockroaches take notice.

  • Always rake leaves up. Leaf litter is harborage for cockroaches. Some cockroaches will even harbor in leaf-clogged gutters, so look high and low for accumulated leaves.

  • Exterior trash cans and dumpsters can be an invitation to cockroaches. Trash cans need to be secure and have lids that make a good seal. Dumpsters need to be an appropriate distance from your exterior walls.

  • If you have holes, gaps, or cracks, cockroaches will take advantage of them. Do a detailed inspection of your outside walls, and use a caulking gun to fill things in. Leave no opening for roaches to exploit.

  • Cockroaches will get in through damaged screens, weather stripping, and door sweeps. These need to be kept in good condition as well.

What A Pest Control Company Can Do

  • The best defenses can be breached by cockroaches. These insects can crawl up walls and walk across ceilings. They are also able to compact their bodies to squeeze through tight spaces. An immature German cockroach is small enough to fit through the holes in an outlet. The only way to fully exclude cockroaches it to have a pest control company apply EPA-approved treatments in strategic locations, according to strict safety guidelines.

  • An experienced pest control technician will be able to advise you on what pest pressures they are seeing around the structure and give you actionable data for correcting these issues. No two businesses are exactly the same.

When cockroaches get in, they often stay and multiply. Most cockroaches prefer to dwell with humans, and a restaurant is a target rich environment for any roach. Your goal should be to reduce food sources and harborage.

What You Can Do

  • Sanitation is vital in any commercial pest control plan.

  • Make sure all trash is put out every night at closing.

  • Put all food in the walk-in or other storage location at night.

  • Be aware that setting baits and traps is not a solution when it is not done properly and when it does not take into consideration the entire problem.

What A Pest Control Company Can Do

  • An experienced and educated pest control technician will know where to apply control products like baits, traps, and target treatments. A technician will also know the proper way to apply all pest control measures in compliance with government regulations.

  • A professional knows how to inspect for cockroaches and properly assess the success of pest control measures being applied.

While there are some things you can do to manage cockroaches, the best course of action is to partner with a pest control company. Make sure you hire a company like Russell's Pest Control, one that is QualityPro-Certified by the National Pest Management Association, and one that has a track record of resolving pest issues for commercial clients.

If you're in our Tennessee service area, reach out to Russell's Pest Control today for answers to your questions or to schedule an appointment with one of our pest control professionals.


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