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It happens time and time again. The moment some homeowners close windows and doors for the season, they think they are finally in the clear from ants, mosquitoes, and spiders for the year. During the summer months, these are some of the most common pests that we try to keep out. With the changing of the seasons in the fall and winter, many homeowners neglect to protect their home against pests that are common this time of year. Then, just a month or two later, their family could be spending their time wondering where that strange smell inside their home is coming from. Rodents, raccoons, and boxelder bugs are just a few pests known to make themselves at home in the wintertime with your family. For this reason, it’s crucial to invest in winter pest control.

Winter Pest Problems in Knoxville

There are several reasons that pest control is just as important in the winter as it is during the rest of the year. Pests do not take the season off, especially if they are already inside your home when the cold weather begins. A nice, warm house is a great spot for most pests to flourish no matter what the season is, and it is much easier for them to get in than it is for you to get them out. The main pest problems we face in the winter include:

  1. Overwintering bugs, such as the lady beetle or the boxelder bugs, are looking for a warm place to wait out winter and will gather by the hundreds inside your walls. They may slip out come spring leaving the homeowner none the wiser, but when this many bugs gather, it stands to reason that they will not all make it until April. This leaves behind a huge green light for other pests that might be looking for an easy meal to come in.
  2. Other pests like cockroaches and rodents also will look for warmer pastures in the winter. These types of pests naturally live where people do. This is because we often inadvertently provide some of the greatest sources of their basic necessities. Unfortunately, they bring with them a host of bacteria and disease that they will leave everywhere they go. They eat from our kitchen pantries and trashcans, they drink from faucets and pet dishes, and they rest in the walls, basements, and crawl spaces. Unlike hibernating pests, roaches, mice, and rats will nest and breed all year long right under your nose.

Trusted Winter Pest Control Services

It doesn’t take long for an infestation to spin out of control, even in winter. Whether there are boxelder bugs in your walls, or mice living in the basement, you need to protect your family and your home from the damaging effects of pests. For over 45 years Russell’s Pest Control has been a leader in the battle against unwanted pests using the latest technology in safe and effective pest removal. To learn how we can keep you safe from winter pest problems, contact our residential pest control experts today!

Why Is Winter Pest Control Important? [2021 Update] in Knoxville TN

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