Why Are Earwigs Invading My Home?

Looking at an earwig up close, you would think it would be far more comfortable living in some alien landscape than on your bathroom floor. It’s slimy, chestnut skin and foreboding pincers give it an extraterrestrial look, but we can assure you, it is quite comfortable here on earth. In fact, it is quite comfortable inside the earth. These are insects that make their home in the soil around your home. But, they don’t like just any old plot of land. There are specific conditions earwigs are looking for. If you find them in your yard, or more specifically, near your exterior wall, they can accidentally invade your home.

What Makes Your Yard Inviting To Earwigs?

  • Earwigs love moisture. If you have a broken or obstructed gutter, a leaky spigot, or some other condition that is allowing moisture to dampen the soil near your home, you’re likely to invite earwigs in close.

  • Earwigs love plants. If you have a garden, flower pots, or some other vegetation near your home, earwigs will take notice.

  • Earwigs love decaying wood. If your home is being damaged by water, or you have wood in your yard that is slowly decaying, earwigs will be happy to live on your property.

  • Earwigs love to hide under things. Lawn clutter, construction materials, tarps, rocks, wood, and other objects that are left in your yard, especially in areas where there is vegetation, will be a magnet for earwigs.

Why Do Earwigs Come Inside?

  • While these are definitely insects that like moisture, they are capable of drowning. After heavy rain–or even during–earwigs may leave the soil around your home and attempt to enter your home to get away from the rising water.

  • Being an insect that likes moisture, they can also enter a home when things get too dry outside. After a time of drought and dryness, it is not uncommon for homeowners to find these pests in their basement. But they aren’t usually content to stay in the basement.

  • Sometimes they enter a house simply because it’s there. This is why it is important to reduce the factors above to reduce earwigs in your yard. It is also a good idea to have ongoing pest control treatments to decrease all of the many bugs that live in your yard.

If you’ve had enough of earwigs, we understand. These insects are no fun to have around. Contact us today for assistance with earwigs and other household invading pests that live in your yard. The team here at Russell’s Pest Control has the answers you need to keep these bugs where they belong.

Why Are Earwigs Invading My Home? in Knoxville TN

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