Top Five Flea Prevention Tips

Fleas again? Fleas are undoubtedly one of the most annoying pests we face in Knoxville, but have you ever stopped to wonder how these pests got into your home if you have inside pets?  

Fleas are parasites and they are very successful at what they do. They can survive for long periods of time in many types of climates and can even lay dormant for many months without a host.

Now, it’s pretty obvious how outside pets get fleas; they jump onto your pet while they are roaming around outdoors. Once indoors, the climate inside your home is perfect for them regarding temperature and humidity, making it simple for them to survive. Flea survival includes reproduction, and their population increases pretty rapidly which makes them very difficult to get rid of.

But, what if your pet is an indoor pet or if you do not own any pets at all? Can you still get fleas? Well, sadly, the answer is, yes! Fleas do not need your pet in order to find a way into your home. Other ways they enter your home include on clothing, on shoes, and on pests like rodents.

As soon as these jumpy little pests find a host, they start their blood meal right away. Adult fleas will stay attached to hosts, but the larvae will move about and hide in your home in pet bedding, carpets, furniture, baseboards, and other cracks and crevices. Once they become adults, they feed and remain on their host…and so the cycle goes!

You need to avoid a flea infestation, and not just because their bite is annoying! Fleas carry and transmit some pretty serious diseases. Your pets can be at risk for tapeworm and secondary infections from scratching at flea bites; and people can become infected with endemic typhus and murine typhus among others. At the very least, fleas can keep you awake at night with itching, especially if you are sensitive to their bite.

So, how do you prevent fleas from entering your home, feeding on your pets, and becoming a full-blown infestation? You can follow these top five flea prevention tips:

  1. Treat your pets with vet approved flea control.

  2. Inspect your pets and pet areas frequently for fleas.

  3. Vacuum and wash pet bedding regularly.

  4. After time outdoors, check your clothing and shoes for fleas before going indoors.

  5. Contact a professional pest control service to help you achieve a flea-free home and yard.

In Knoxville and Eastern Tennessee, you can count on Russell’s Pest Control. Our Power Plan offers protection from fleas. To learn more about our effective, environmentally responsible services for fleas and other pests, give us a call today.

Top Five Flea Prevention Tips in Knoxville TN

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