Tips For Preventing Fall Rodent Infestations In Knoxville

Cooling temperatures bring mugs of hot chocolate, toasty warm campfires, and long-sleeved clothing for that desired sweater weather aesthetic. However, just as we are looking for warmth and peace of mind, rodents are doing the same. As the temperature outside drops, rats, and mice begin looking for potential heat sources and food sources. Your home happens to provide both of these things, as well as many nooks and crannies to squeeze into and hide.

There are several ways you can prevent rodents from entering your home this fall, here are just a few.

  • Rodents, like several other pests, are attracted to any food sources your home provides, whether that be inside or outside. Keeping your food sealed in plastic containers, sweeping your floors to get rid of crumbs, not leaving pet food outside, and making sure your trash bin is sealed tightly are just a few of the ways to reduce the number of rodents you attract to your home.
  • Outside areas that remain untrimmed are great hiding places for rats and mice. Leaving piles of wood around, not mowing your lawn, failing to trim tree branches and weeds away from your house, and even leaving children’s toys or other clutter in your yard provides ways for rodents to hide and eventually creep close enough to your home to invade it. Keeping your yard neat and uncluttered is a great way to prevent rodents from having the opportunity to infest your property.
  • Rats and mice are masters at finding the smallest cracks or tears that grant passage into your home. If left unchecked, window screens can accumulate rips and tears just from sticks and other debris that the weather blows around—which creates an opening for mice and rats to sneak inside. Cracks in the foundation of your home are another way rodents enter your home. By routinely checking to be sure these areas are secure, you greatly reduce the ways these pests can get in.

You may want to try and remove rodents from your home by yourself, however, if the prevention tips above have failed to keep them out of your home, eliminating these pests is best left to the rodent control experts here at Russell’s Pest Control. Rodents are a difficult pest to get rid of on your own. With our rodent elimination services, we have the skills required to make your pest problems vanish once and for all. Don’t let rodents ruin your autumn weather fun, contact Russell’s Pest Control for a free estimate today!

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