What Can I Do To Make My Home Less Attractive To Termites

What Can I Do To Make My Home Less Attractive To Termites

Termites are a serious problem in Tennessee, due to moisture and moderate temperatures in the spring. Termites live in colonies with workers, soldiers, and reproductives. Termites build their nests underground, but the workers will venture out to forage for food. They look for cellulose that is found in leaves, soil and wood. They may enter homes through small entry points found in either foundations or the exterior walls. Indoors they will be found underneath floors and walls as they feed on the wood. They will work their way through the structural wood of your home. They are particularly drawn to wood that has been previous damaged by moisture. They will travel back and forth through tunnels as they provide food for their colonies. These colonies can grow to massive populations and can form multiple satellite colonies in various places around and throughout the inside of your home, increasing populations as they expand.

Preventing termites in the first place is your best option. To make your home less attractive to termites you should:

  • Keep mulch and other vegetation at least two feet away from your home

  • Store firewood at least ten feet from your home

  • Bushes should be kept at least a foot away from your home

  • Do not leave debris, stick, or leaf piles on your lawn

  • Remove dead trees and stumps from your property

  • Keep your gutters cleaned up to allow for proper drainage

  • Fix leaky pipes and clean up leaking water immediately

These tips can be helpful, but when it comes to termite elimination and reliable protection, it can be accomplished by a professional pest control company like Russell’s Pest Control in Knoxville and eastern Tennessee. We offer a comprehensive termite service and Sentricon® System with Always Active™, that will eliminate active termite infestations and prevent any more termite activity in the future. Russell’s Pest Control professionals know how much your home and money means to you, and can help you prevent termites and the costly damages that they cause. Our termite services can allow you to rest easy knowing your home is protected from termite damages. Don’t wait, call us today!