Health Concerns Cockroaches Bring To Businesses

Health Concerns Cockroaches Bring To Businesses

When cockroaches show up in a home environment, there are many reasons to be concerned. But, when they show up in a business environment, there are even more reasons to be concerned. Cockroaches not only pose emotional and health threats to humans, they also pose threats to the very survival of a business.

Cockroaches Are Unhealthy For Customers

If cockroaches are present in your business, and you deal with customers, it is important to know that cockroaches can spread many forms of illness and disease. Cockroaches are proven or suspected carriers of the organisms that cause diarrhea, dysentery, salmonella, cholera, leprosy, typhoid fever and viral diseases such as poliomyelitis. They also carry the eggs of parasitic worms which may cause allergic reactions in some people, including dermatitis, itching, swelling of the eyelids and more serious respiratory conditions.

Cockroaches Are Unhealthy For Employees

The illnesses listed above are also a threat for employees. No business needs the added frustration of cockroach-related sickness. It is hard enough battling with colds, flu, and other health conditions that keep employees from coming to work.

Cockroaches Are Unhealthy For Your Reputation

If roaches are present in your business and they are not eliminated quickly, word will get around, especially if your business deals with customers. In this day and age of instant review sites, a few reports of cockroach encounters can have long-lasting and devastating effects on the reputation of your business. The internet never forgets.

Cockroaches Are Unhealthy For Your Bottom Line

If cockroaches are allowed to spread diseases to your employees or customers this can lead to all sorts of issues, including lawsuits. The presence of roaches in your business can also lead to failed inspections. And, failed inspections can lead to the complete closure of your business. Whatever the case, not taking care of cockroaches is almost certain to cost your business more than if you take action and eliminate these unhealthy creatures when they appear and, preferably, before they appear.

If you have questions or wish to schedule service to eliminate (or prevent) cockroaches in your business, reach out to Russell’s Pest Control today. We provide advanced pest control solutions in Knoxville Tennessee and the surrounding area. Give us a call to schedule a free commercial pest evaluation and get your business the protection it needs from cockroaches and other pests.

What Is Integrated Pest Management?

What Is Integrated Pest Management?

Keeping your business safe, clean, and distraction free is extremely important to its success. Each year, pests cause billions of dollars in damages worldwide, and each year business owners are left wishing they had gotten ahead of them. From termites compromising the structure of your facility to rodents ravishing through trash and food and making huge messes and sanitary issues, or cockroaches contaminating products and living space with a variety of diseases… whatever the pest it is, it’s not doing you any good and getting rid of it is extremely important. On any given property many different pests can be found, and each one will require fairly specific means of eradication. Doing it this in a safe and efficient manner is important which is why we follow the principles of IPM. IPM, which stand for Integrated Pest Management, was designed with the best interest of companies, employees, patrons, and the environment in mind.

After an in-depth inspection of the property and everything on it, our well-trained technicians will note the conducive conditions to pests and create a custom solution relative to what was found. Food, water, and shelter are the primary necessities most pests need to survive, and by addressing these directly we are able to substantially impact the presence of pests while assuring very little impact to the environment, the building, and to people. By analyzing factors such as sanitation habits, the condition of a structure, and landscape, we are able to employ techniques and materials that present very little hazard and that are very effective. Starting with steps to alleviate the necessities pests seek out in or around the property, Integrated Pest Management is about taking what already exists and improve it to deter pests. Removing the conditions conducive to pests makes your property much less attractive to them, removing them as well, and giving you more time to focus on your business with less time spent worrying about it.

Here at Russell’s Pest Control, we come equipped with more than 40 years of commercial pest control experience. We understand how important your business is to you and the people it serves. That is why we are committed to keeping it safe and sanitary, not only to protect your building but to also improve the quality of it. To show you how committed we are to you, we offer a free commercial evaluation. By offering a free evaluation, we give you the opportunity to understand exactly what your up against without any obligation or cost and that allows us to help you explore the different avenues available depending on your specific situation. Also, because we understand that sometimes emergencies happen, we offer an expedited service when you need us most! So don’t allow pests to disrupt your business, and let Russell’s help! Call us today and one of our pest professionals will be happy to answer any questions!