Bed Bugs. Just the mention of their name and I start to feel as if they are crawling all over my skin. I start to scratch my arms, legs and behind my neck and feel certain they must have taken up residence in my home too! It’s even worse than mentioning lice for me, because at least lice are fairly easy to spot and eliminate. Bed bugs are far more sinister! They are sneaky little pests that can hide in any nook or cranny. They even love to hide out inside electronics like your stereo, t.v., or game system. Who would think to look for them there? And how on earth could you safely spray insecticide inside electronics!!!

These nocturnal little beasts feed on blood – and their blood of choice is human! They bite at night while we sleep and scamper away at the first sign of light. Did you know that they can go for weeks without feeding? Which can give you a false sense of security as you think they have left on their own; or perhaps, you wonder, was it some other type of insect that feasted on you while you slept! The whole idea makes my head spin!

A few facts about bed bugs that I have learned have been very helpful to me; perhaps you will find these helpful too!

  • There are 3 stages of life: eggs, nymph, and adult
  • You cannot see the eggs or nymphs with your naked eye– they are too small and whitish in color
  • Adult bugs are reddish/brown and resemble apple seeds
  • They usually bite on exposed areas like hand, face, neck or arms
  • They are highly resistant to insecticides and easily develop tolerances to new products
  • They NEVER go away on their own

What should you do if you find that these nasty little creatures have invaded your home? Contact the bed bug experts here at Russell’s Pest Control and consider Heat Treatment to eliminate your problem. Heat treatment is a very attractive solution to me because there are no poisonous chemicals used, so there is never any residue or pollution. Heat Treatment is proven effective when done by a professional like Russell’s Pest Control; and once the right temperature has been reached, there is full mortality within a minute! Of course, with set up time and placing of sensors to monitor the heat, it usually takes around six hours start to stop. When the professionals at Russell’s Pest Control treat your bed bugs you know that the heaters are positioned appropriately to ensure even heating and full destruction of your pests, while safety of your home and belongings is maintained! It’s a win, win for you – and a lose, lose for the bed bugs!

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