While we’re not expecting to get a white Christmas this year, it is likely that we’re heading toward a few months of colder weather. The approach of the winter season means that the mice and rats in this area are on the hunt for indoor nesting sites to keep them warm all through the cold season. Mice can invade any building that has a hole the size of a pencil or larger. Their bone structure can flex and bend to allow them to fit into impossibly small spaces. Rats may require slightly larger openings, but they’ll still squeeze through unbelievably tight spots. Because of this, all homeowners should make sure that their foundation vents are in good order and that weather stripping is in place around all doors and windows.

However, some property owners are at greater risk than others. For instance, mice and rats always put more pressure on homeowners in areas near new constructions. If a builder is putting up a new strip mall nearby or if you are living in a new neighborhood that still has homes under construction, rodent control should be on your radar now more than ever. Normally, mice and most rats build nests underground. When a builder begins to clear land for a new structure, all of those rodent habitats are destroyed, and the mice and rats are forced to make a run for it—perhaps straight into your house!

I just heard from a friend this week who discovered a dead mouse behind a wall after trying to track down the source of a bad smell for two days. She’s living in a brand new home with new houses going up all around her. That mouse is taken care of, but she’s now asking the right questions: How did the mouse get in and will more follow? Careful maintenance on even a new home can save you a lot of hassle later.

Additionally, property owners in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and other surrounding areas should be particularly on guard this season. As we’ve said before, Sevier County has a perfect balance of commercial buildings and rural landscapes that rodents find irresistible. If you’re a home- or business-owner in that area or if you own an infrequently-used cabin, we highly recommend that you get some rodent control plans in place so you can avoid walking in on a mess when the mice move in.

So, what should you do to prepare for the winter invasion? As mentioned above, home maintenance is a great first step. If rodents can’t find a way into your home or business, they can’t set up housekeeping there. You might invest in copper mesh to block up holes if you know you have rodents trying to get in. The copper is toxic to them, and they will do serious damage to themselves if they try to chew through it. You can also keep snap traps or sticky boards in well-concealed areas where they won’t be bothered. These will hopefully give you advanced warning when the first mouse arrives so that you can take measures to keep the others out. And, of course, you can contact Russell’s Pest Control. We take the hassle out of rodent control and can keep a close watch over places that are important to you, whether it’s your getaway cabin, your place of business, or your own home.

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