Make Year-Round Pest Control Your 2017 Resolution

Pest control is like the doctor’s office: you go only when something is wrong. What many forget is that annual checkups and proactive care can prevent bigger problems later. Think of pest control the same way. Proactive care and year-round pest control can save you money, protect your health, and prevent large headaches. This year, make year-round pest control your resolution. Check out the many benefits why.

Benefits of Year-Round Pest Control

When we talk about the benefits of year-round pest control, we want to address it from many different angles: health, money, and prevention. Russell’s pest control thinks you will appreciate a few of our favorite pest control benefits.

Easy-to-manage payment schedules and control options. A small monthly or quarterly fee now can save you hundreds or thousands in the future. When you pay a small amount to control pests regularly, you won’t be left with a large bill to eliminate insects later.
Avoid Large Infestations

Year-round pest control keeps large infestations at bay. When you get year-round treatments, your home will not be targeted by insects who want to live and reproduce in your home. Doesn’t avoiding thousands on bugs in your home sound like a good idea?

Prevents Illness And Disease

Most pests carry bacteria and other pathogens that can be transmitted to people and animals in your home. Year-round control keep insects from biting, stinging, and transmitting disease in your home. Additionally, if anyone in your home suffers from allergies or respiratory concerns such as asthma, year-round pest control helps avoid symptoms and attacks. Many insects shed their shells, emit odors, lay eggs, and leave droppings. All of them are irritants that can cause breathing troubles.
Your Home Won’t Smell

Infestations cause your home to smell. If roaches get in, they emit a pheromone that attracts other roaches and keeps the family unit together. The more roaches in your home, the worse your house smells. Once you get rid of the roaches, your home has to be cleaned professionally. Year-round pest control prevents roaches from invading in the first place.
Protect Your Belongings And Furnishings

When insects invade, they leave their stains and nest with your linens. Curtains, sheets, bedding, clothing, and rugs can become stained with feces and other fluids when insects make themselves at home. Year-round pest control allows you to protect your belongings and favorite furnishings.
Better Sleep at Night

When you have year-round pest control, you can sleep better at night. You won’t have to worry about the pests that are nesting in your walls, digging into the food in your pantry, crawling in your bed at night, or lurking in your basement. You can rest easy knowing that you have the bugs and rodents under control.
Russell’s Pest Control wants you to have the peace of mind and quality of life we know you deserve in 2017. Call us now to see how we can help you with your New Year’s resolution. Have a Happy New Year. We look forward to serving you in the brand new year.

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