Don't Let Flies Invade Your Knoxville Home in the Summer

You don’t want flies invading your Knoxville home this summer, so it’s time to take precautions to keep them out. There are a variety of ways that flies can get into your home. Once they are inside, they are nothing but an annoying nuisance. You can take steps to prevent them as much as possible. However professional treatment can be worthwhile for fly-infested homes.


How Flies Get into Homes

We should be wondering how flies don’t get into homes rather than how they do get in. They are so small it’s a wonder our Knoxville homes aren’t constantly filled with flies.


Let’s look at some of the most common ways flies get in, from house flies to fruit flies:

  • Through the front door. Whether from kids running in and out or leaving the door open to let in the fresh air, it’s easy for flies to come right in.
  • Through the window. Whether you have the windows open this summer or you have tears or holes in your screen, flies will make their way in.
  • In your belongings. From groceries to house plants, anything you carry in from outside has the potential to harbor flies – especially fruit flies.

Why Flies are a Nuisance

Most people don’t enjoy the company of pests in their homes. Flies can be particularly annoying as they buzz around your head or divebomb your food. Due to their habits of hanging around trash, dirty drains, and feces, they can also carry contaminants. When they land on the surfaces within your home, they can transmit these disease-carrying contaminants to your family.


Preventing Flies

There are several things Knoxville homeowners can do this summer to prevent flies as much as possible:


  • Keep doors and windows closed unless you have sturdy screens in place.
  • Make sure that screens are in good repair with no holes or tears.
  • Take the trash out frequently and store food in airtight containers to reduce food sources.
  • Clean drains and garbage disposals frequently.
  • Check around your home to repair cracks and seal openings, wherever possible.

Professional Treatment for Flies

You may spend time searching for DIY methods of fly removal should you find yourself with a fly-infested home. Most of the time these methods are futile and are a waste of time while allowing your fly population to grow. One or two stray flies in your Knoxville home aren’t of much concern. However, if you are regularly dealing with flies or large populations of flies, including house flies, blow flies, or fruit flies, it’s time to contact a professional.


At Russell’s Pest Control we have 40 years’ experience ridding Knoxville-area homes of flies and other nuisance pests. Contact us for options in keeping your Tennessee home free from flies this summer.

Don’t Let Flies Invade Your Knoxville Home in the Summer in Knoxville TN

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