2 Big Reasons Overwintering Pests Come Inside

Are you enjoying the mild winter we’ve been having? You can bet that bugs and wildlife are. They usually have to find a place to hide when snow and cold temperatures come to Tennessee. You are probably also aware that cold temperatures are one of the big reasons overwintering pests explore man-made structures in fall. But what happens in a winter when temperatures don’t dip way down? Well, there is another reason bugs and wildlife enter homes. And that is what we’re going to be looking at today.

You’ve probably already guessed what the second big reason is. Yup. Food. Those critters are always looking for it; spring, summer, winter, and fall. They can enter your home any time of year to find a bite to eat but, in winter, outside food sources are harder to come by, so their desperation has pests working overtime. This will have them exploring your exterior walls and foundation.

Three of the pests we’re seeing a lot of are roaches, rodents, and ants. These aren’t your typical overwintering pest. While stink bugs, lady bugs, and boxelder bugs will have a hard time finding a bite to eat inside your home, roaches, rodents, and ants will not. These pests can live on a wide selection of food, including many of the foods you and your pets eat.

When roaches and rodents get into a home, they rarely have any reason to leave. Most homes are target rich environments for these invading armies, and they are more than happy to build a home inside your home.

Most ants live in the soil. So, unless you have crawl spaces under your home, you won’t have to worry about ants moving in–except for one. Carpenter ants live in wood. Since your home is made of wood, there is a good chance they’ll find plenty of habitat options. Of all the ants that invade homes, carpenter ants are the worst. They aren’t just a nuisance pest. Their home-building efforts can hurt your equity.

If you’re seeing roaches, rodents, or ants, it isn’t surprising. This is the perfect winter for these overwintering pests to invade. You can also bet that all of these critters will be more abundant this spring, since they didn’t have to spend too much time in dormancy this winter.

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