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Are You Prepared For Winter Pests?

As the temperatures continue to drop, mice, cockroaches, and rats will start looking for warmer places to hideout during the winter. If you are not prepared, they could choose your home. If you own a home in or around the Knoxville, Tennessee area, make sure you take steps to make sure these pests are unable to enter your home as they search for food, water and shelter to survive the winter season.

mouse hiding in wall


Though small, mice can cause huge problems if they enter your home uninvited. With an alarming appetite and a frightening rate of reproduction, mice can take over a house for months at a time, cause damage and introduce risks that you don't want to deal with, from disease, to contamination, to damage from their little gnawing teeth. Homeowners will often see mice exploring in the kitchen or pantry, and may even find their nests in the walls or wherever there is some cozy insulation. It's important to remember that mice can fit through surprisingly small spaces for their size and that they will enlarge holes for themselves as needed. To avoid disease, damage, and a whole lot of droppings, you'll want these rampaging rodents removed from your home quickly.

cockroach on dirty plate


Cockroaches are a pest that thrives in close proximity to humans. Our poor cleaning habits and food waste are like a neon sign for them to come in and "help out" by consuming any pieces of food that may have been left out. Combine their own terrible habit of tracking bacteria wherever they go with a large amount of eggs per clutch, and cockroaches will easily rocket toward the top of the "worst pests to have" list. Cockroaches will enter homes however they can, through drainage and piping, ripped screens, and even right through the door if unsecured. While they are attracted to the food in our home, they crave water even more and will look for moist, dark areas to take up residence during the day. By bringing harmful organisms into your home and aggravating respiratory issues with their leavings, cockroaches can make a home a very nasty place to live.

norway rat in basement


Rats may come to mind as a pest that you'll only encounter in city sewers or landfill sites, but the truth is that they are quite versatile and can make themselves at home in a variety of settings, requiring only food and a good place to hide a nest. Rats, though larger than mice, are often harder to discover, as they are more cautious in their habits. Even so, the teeth-marks, droppings, and the contaminated food they cause will eventually give them away. Roof rats are adept climbers, and often enter into and take up residence in attics, using convenient trees or adjacent buildings to reach unsecured chimneys or vents. Norway rats are bulkier and remain closer to the ground, preferring basements or garages. All rats pose a risk of disease and will chew on whatever they can find, even sparking fires if they chew through electrical wiring.


Why Do Winter Pests Come Inside?


All pests have one motivation, to continue living and reproducing. Many warm-blooded creatures can carry on doing this in cooler temperatures, but cold-blooded creatures must find shelter to survive, and all creatures would prefer a space that is warm and provides for their needs so that they can carry on with their life. Even if your home is old and drafty to you, it is a paradise of heat, food, water, and shelter to pest looking to overwinter. Mice and squirrels will covet your insulation, ants will keep in working inside your walls, and roaches will continue to lay eggs as long as they can access your pantry. Most creatures will avoid human interaction, but they all want to take advantage of human prosperity, especially when it starts getting cold outside.

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