mosquito up close on tennessee resident

Some people are more attractive than others. No, we're not talking about physical attractiveness. We're talking about the kind of attractiveness that mosquitoes are drawn to. Are you one of those people? Are you a mosquito magnet? Do mosquitoes swarm you when you go to outdoor parties? Well, we're about to demystify why mosquitoes like you.



There are many reasons you might have a higher temperature than the person standing next to you. You may have just finished playing a game of chase with the kids. You may have had a few alcoholic beverages. You may be pregnant. There are many ways you can increase your temperature when you're outside and many reasons why you might have an increased temperature. You may even be someone who is just naturally warmer than other people. Whatever the reason, that warmth is going to get you noticed by mosquitoes. Those little biters can sense infrared better than other spectrums of light. This is quite helpful for mosquitoes, considering they feed on warm-blooded animals. And more heat means better blood flow. So warmer people get more attention.

Carbon Dioxide

Another ability mosquitoes have is an ability to detect carbon dioxide emissions. When they see a plume of carbon dioxide in a yard, they head in to check it out. Once they arrive, they may choose to bite you if you're expelling more CO2. Exercising outside, consuming alcohol, and being pregnant can all be a reason for this one too.


Do you smell like a flower? If you like to wear sweet-smelling perfume or cologne, you're going to do more than attract the opposite sex. You may not know this but mosquitoes feed on the nectar of flowers. So sweet smells lure them in. If you're going to be at an outdoor party, you might want to forego the application of alluring odors.

Flower Patterns

Do you like flower patterns? Mosquitoes don't have very good eyesight. When they see colors and patterns that remind them of flowers, they go to investigate. You might want to leave your Hawaiian shirt or sun-dress at home. These items could make you a target.

Dark Colors

Wearing dark colors won't solve your bright color problem. If you wear clothing that is too dark, you could increase your chances of being bitten. Mosquitoes often fly low to the ground and use silhouettes to find their targets. Dark clothing helps them find the outline of your body and make a successful landing.


If you are perspiring more than the person standing next to you, mosquitoes may take notice. Mosquitoes are moisture pests. They require high humidity to survive. When they search for a place to land in your landscaping, they zero in on locations that have moisture on the vegetation. The same is likely true when they zero in to draw a blood meal. Their instinct is to be where there is high humidity. 


This is probably the biggest reason of all. There could be as many as 400 chemical compounds on your skin that play a role in attracting (or repelling) mosquitoes. If you have the repellent chemicals, good for you! If you have the chemicals that attract mosquitoes, there isn't a whole lot we can do for you. You just have good chemistry with those mosquitoes.

You Don't Have to Get Bitten

Whether you attract mosquitoes or not, you don't have to have swarms of mosquitoes in your backyard. With professional mosquito control, you can keep those mosquitoes from gaining a foothold in your yard and from ruining all of your outdoor activities.
If you live in Knoxville or the surrounding area, we offer one-time mosquito control to prepare your yard for a special event or year-round mosquito control to keep mosquitoes out of all your backyard activities. We also provide residential pest control plans that include coverage for mosquitoes. When you bundle pests together, you save quite a bit. Get started by reaching out to us and scheduling a free in-home pest evaluation. We'll send an experienced professional to your home to give you guidance on what will work to manage the pests in your yard. Mosquito season in Tennessee can feel like forever. But it doesn't have to. Take your backyard back with mosquito control from Russell's Pest Control.


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