a yellow jacket wasp rests on a wooden fence outside a knoxville tennessee home

The same thing happens in Tennessee every year. At the end of fall and in early winter, most yellow jackets die. The ones that remain are reproductive females who lay dormant in the cold winter and emerge in spring to create new nests. As spring wanes and summer begins, yellow jacket drones begin to appear in our yards, searching for food sources to feed new larvae in their nests to grow their populations. These nests grow larger and larger as the summer goes on and, in fall, many nests are maxed out. Temperatures drop and the cycle begins again. Pretty simple. What isn't simple is learning how to prevent yellow jackets from establishing nests in our yards and preventing these insects from stinging us.
Properly controlling yellow jackets requires some education in their behavior patterns and harborage preferences. It isn't as easy as spraying nests with toxic chemicals and calling it a day. Unfortunately, many of the natural pest control remedies suggested on the internet are completely ineffective. The best solution is a mixture of strategies and methods developed in the pest control industry by experts in the management of yard pests.
At Russell's Pest Control, we apply the science of pest control to protect families from harmful pests like yellow jackets. It is a combination of methods and products that don't just target yellow jackets but take into consideration the entire ecosystem around your home. For instance, yellow jackets use insects as food. When they come into a yard that is teeming with insect life, they find the perfect conditions to establish and grow a nest. But with routine residential pest control, insect populations are significantly reduced, and yellow jackets don't find as much of the food sources they're looking for.
Our pest professionals understand the importance of locating nests early and are trained to detect conditions that are conducive for the establishment of nests, such as ground holes created by ground burrowing animals. When your technician is on the job, you don't have to think about nest detection when you're out in your yard. You can relax.
When a nest is found, your technician has the resources and knowledge to remove it with little or no use of pesticides. That is good news for everyone who lives in your home and for your pets as well. Not only does this mean your yard won't have hazard zones but it will be free of yellow jacket nests. Yellow jackets are very aggressive when they are near their nests. Sometimes all it takes to create a swarm is the vibration from a lawnmower. One moment you think your legs are being pelted by tiny rocks being thrown up by the mower and the next you realize in horror that you're surrounded by dozens of angry wasps. Having routine inspections and ongoing nest removal by a licensed professional is real peace of mind. Plus, while you're being protected from yellow jackets, you're getting protection from other dangerous pests such as mosquitoes, ticks, cockroaches, and rodents, depending on what service you invest in.
There is an ecosystem around your home. When it is properly managed, yellow jackets and other pests are reduced and the threats they present are reduced as well. Let the licensed and certified pest professionals at Russell's Pest Control help you manage your ecosystem so you can focus on summer fun in your backyard. Take your backyard back.
We make it easy to get started with residential pest control by offering a free in-home pest evaluation. We'll send a highly trained and experienced pest professional right to your door. There is no obligation to purchase services. We use this free estimate as a way for us to meet you and help you learn about the pest pressures in your yard. What you do with that information is up to you. No pressure. We focus on providing protection for health and property. That's why folks in the Greater Knoxville area give us such great reviews. We hope to someday earn your trust and give you the kind of service that will make you want to leave good reviews. But most of all, we want you to have the protection your family needs. At the end of the day, that's what we're all about.


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