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When stink bugs attack your home by the thousands, it may have you asking yourself, "What is it about my home that is drawing all these stink bugs to it?" But the problem has nothing to do with your Tennessee home and everything to do with crop-producing fields. Does that surprise you? Well, if you know anything about stink bugs, it shouldn't. Stink bugs are a crop pest and one of their favorite crops to feed on is soybean plants. This makes them a serious problem for Tennessee homeowners. Here's what you need to know.

In Tennessee, soybeans are the crop of choice for more acres of farmland than any other row crop in the state! Our state produces over one million acres of soybeans each year, putting soybeans in the top three for cash receipts of all row crops produced. And while all those soybeans are good for the economy of the state, they can be bad for the homeowners that happen to live near these crop fields. And if that isn't bad enough, those stink bugs also target corn fields, tomato patches, and apple and peach tree orchards. If your home is near a property with any of these agricultural areas, or you have these crops on your own property, you can expect to have visits from stink bugs.

Every fall, the insect known as the brown marmorated stink bug leaves the fields by the millions to seek harborage for the coming winter. They will congregate on sun-warmed areas like rocks and trees and then hide under those rocks or crawl underneath the bark of trees as the weather gets colder. These pests will also congregate on the sun-warmed side of your home, and when the temperatures drop, they will search for ways to get inside.

The Bad News

When stink bugs get inside, they can cause a lot of different problems. Though they are not considered dangerous pests and are not known to cause structural damages to our homes, they can cause issues such as climbing all over your personal belongings, damaging your indoor plants, getting into your food, congregating around your screens, crawling around in your curtains, and just being a general nuisance to have living in your home. In addition, if you try to get rid of them on your own, you can cause them to spray a strong, foul-smelling liquid which can cause an unpleasant odor to linger in your home.

The Almost Good News

There are many ways you can get rid of stink bugs, some of which are more effective than others. These slow-moving insects aren’t very difficult to catch. If you use the right method, you can sometimes even catch them without causing them to spray. Some people find success using sticky traps. Other people capture them using traps made from 2-liter soda bottles. And there are many more ways. But the problem with catching stink bugs and disposing of them is that it only attacks the symptoms of the infestation. It doesn't do anything to get to the core of the problem, meaning those stink bugs are going to keep coming in!

If you want to stop getting stink bugs in your home, you're going to have to do some work. To keep these pests from invading, you’ll need to perform a detailed inspection of your exterior walls and seal any holes you find. Some common entry points that stink bugs utilize to get into our homes include holes around window frames, gaps in weather stripping around exterior doors, holes created by other pests, holes in rooflines and soffits, vents, vent gaskets, and gaps around pipes. Once you've sealed and repaired all these entry points, examine all your door and window screens. If you see holes or tears in your screens, repair them or replace the screens entirely to keep stink bugs from invading.

The Good News

Stink bugs can't reproduce in your home, so they’ll eventually have to move back outside. But instead of waiting for those pests to leave on their own accord, you could partner with a professional and have those stink bugs taken care of. When you partner with the professionals, not only will they be able to eliminate the stink bugs in your home, but they’ll also work to prevent future infestations!

Stink Bug Control

If you live in the Knoxville area, Russell's Pest Control is the right choice when it comes to stink bug control! At Russell’s, we offer home pest control services that work to address any stink bug activity as well as provide your home with year-round treatments that work to resist stink bugs. And, while we're keeping those stink bugs out of your home, you'll also receive protection from over 30 other common pests including rats, mice, scorpions, centipedes, wasps, mosquitoes, carpenter ants, termites, fleas, ticks, fire ants, and more!

Life is better when you have ongoing, systematic pest control from an experienced professional. And with over 40 years of protecting Tennessee homes and businesses under our belt, you can trust the team here at Russell's Pest Control to give you the pest protection you need!


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