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When a bed bug appears, there are many questions that can arise in the heart of a homeowner. Does one bug mean there is an infestation? Is there any way to stop an infestation from taking root? Do I have to throw my bed out?

If you find a bed bug in your home, it doesn't mean you have an infestation, and there are a few things you can do to protect yourself from having an infestation develop. Washing clothing, bedding, and other washables in hot soapy water is a good start. It is also a good idea to vacuum all your rugs and dispose of the bag outside. If an infestation has already taken root, or you have an item that is infested, it is time to call a professional. And, when you call a professional, you're going to have a whole new set of questions.

What on earth is heat remediation?

If you're not yet aware, heat remediation (also referred to as a heat treatment) is an eco-friendly bed bug treatment option that uses heat to exterminate bed bugs. This treatment option is ideal because it radiates into locations where bed bugs hide, places such as mattresses, box springs, furniture and walls. It kills them by raising the temperature beyond their threshold to tolerate it. While bed bugs thrive in the 80's and 90's, 120 - 135 Fahrenheit is enough to cause them to shut down and die.

Can I do my own heat treatment?

Professionals use industrial heaters that are temperature controlled, and they monitor the progress of heat treatments with sophisticated technology. This is not something a homeowner can do. Turning an oven on the highest temperature isn't going to fix a bed bug problem, and putting heaters in every room is not only ineffective, it is dangerous. Improper bed bug heat treatments have led to a catastrophic loss of property and human life.

How should a heat treatment be done?

A professional should do a detailed inspection, identify locations of infestation, and discuss what to expect during and after treatment. Before service, you should be guided in ways you can prepare your home for a successful treatment. On the day of your service, technicians should set up heat remediation equipment, and follow strict protocols, to ensure full extermination of bed bugs, while safeguarding the items in your home.

Do electronics have to be removed before a heat treatment?

There are many things that should be done before a heat treatment, such as removing pets, house plants, cosmetics, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, pressurized items, objects made from wax, stringed musical instruments, and other materials that could be harmed by heat or pose a threat when heated up. Not only are electronics able to easily handle the temperatures used in a heat treatment, they are prime locations for a bed bug infestation. It is best to leave them in the home during treatment.

What does it cost?

The cost varies depending on many factors. Heating a 5,000 sq. foot home is harder than heating a 1,200 sq. foot home. If you only have an infestation in an isolated room, it may be possible to address it without heating the entire structure. Your pest technician will walk you through the details.

At Russell's Pest Control, we understand how the cost of a bed bug treatment can feel overwhelming when you're already dealing with the trauma of having an infestation in your home. That is why we've teamed up with Blispay to offer a no-payments, no-interest financing option for our customers. If your treatment is over $199, you can finance the service. If you pay it off in under 6 months, not only will you pay no interest, you'll get 2% cash back. This really helps to take a little "bite" out of the misery of having a bed bug infestation. If you don't live in our Tennessee service area, we encourage you to ask your pest professional if they provide financing through Blispay.

The Next Step

If you've found bed bugs in your home, the next step is to find a trusted professional to take care of those bugs. We recommend that you find a company like Russell's Pest Control--one that is QualityPro-Certified by the National Pest Management Association, accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and highly rated on social media. It is no fun having bed bugs, but it is even less fun to spend a lot of money and time getting rid of them only to continue to be in misery.


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