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Termite Control

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Termite Protection You Can Trust

If you’re concerned about termites, you are not alone. These wood destroying insects are responsible for several billion dollars in damages to homes in the U.S. every year. Here in Tennessee, they are a serious pest problem for property owners and require a professional solution. Russell’s Pest Control offers effective termite protection services that features the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active Technology.

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How It Works

To be effective termite treatments must take the fight to the colony.  After all, if you don't eliminate the queen, she'll just keep reproducing.  If termites or termite activity are detected during your inspection, our pest control professionals will install Sentricon bait stations around the perimeter of the structure.  Though they don't attract termites to your property, the bait stations will catch the attention of those wood destroying pests already active on it.  Termites will consume the bait AND make sure the rest of the colony is fed.  The end result is the complete elimination of the entire termite colony including the queen.  This environmentally friendly termite control method starts working as soon as its installed, lasts a full year and does not require additional inspections.  Best of all, Russell's Pest Control offers a termite damage repair warranty should any termites escape and inflict damage to your structure. 

* Damage Repair Warranty effective after initial service: new termite damage only.

termites and termite damaged wood in a knoxville home

Warning Signs Of A Termite Infestation

Termites cause more damage in the U.S.  every year than tornadoes, fires and earthquakes combined.  Unfortunately property owners don't often realize termites have invaded until it's too late and the damage has already begun.  Nicknamed silent destroyers, subterranean termites may have the ability to remain undetected while they do their worst but they do leave behind evidence of their presence.  Signs of termites include:

  • Winged termites (also called swarmers) emerging from inside the house or outside.

  • Discarded wings near windowsills or on floors.

  • Mud tubes that extend from the ground to the structure.

  • Wood damage that includes sagging doors, blisters in wood flooring and hollow-sounding wood.


Partner With Russell's And Say Goodbye To Termites

When you choose to partner with Russell's Pest Control for termite control, you can rest easy knowing that your home or business is protected by the most innovative termite technology and a team of professionals who are driven to protect people and property.  In addition to being an Authorized Operator of the Sentricon System, Russell's also offers liquid termite treatments and uses only the most trusted products on the market.  

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