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How Certain Are You That Your Home Is Termite Free?

Unfortunately most homeowners do not realize they have a termite infestation until it's too late and they've discovered termite damage OR they watch a termite swarm occur right in their own living room.  Unfortunately termites are active 24/7/365, they do not stop for breaks, holidays or even sleep.  And they will inflict significant structural damage if not caught.  What's more, an active termite infestation is not easily identified.  That's because these wood destroying pests live below the soil and travel underground from their colony to their food source (in other words, your home).  And because they consume wood from the inside out, they're able to avoid detection for weeks, months and even years.  If you're concerned about termites in your home or you've simply never had a termite inspection performed, Russell's Pest Control is standing by with highly trained and certified termite inspectors.

Where Our Termite Inspectors Look

Our termite inspectors will check all visible and accessible areas, looking for signs of termite and/or actual live termites inside and outside the structure.  

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What We Look For During A Termite Inspection

Though termites are adept at avoiding detection, they do leave behind evidence of their presence.  Signs of termites that our inspectors look for include:

  • Termite tunnels and termite tunnel stains (when a tunnel has been scrapped off a block wall).

  • Imperfections in the sheetrock.  

  • Baseboards stained by moisture from mud.  

  • Hollow-sounding walls.  

  • Actual termites when mulch is pulled back from the foundation, other areas that have wood to soil contact and under stepping stones.

  • In crawl areas, we'll also pull back insulation and look at the sill plates and do a sound test as well.

  • Moisture readings of the floor joist (if 18% or above, there's a pretty good chance we'll find termites somewhere).

What Happens Next?

If our termite inspector finds zero evidence of these pests, you're all set.  We do recommend scheduling a termite inspection once a year to be sure your home stays termite free.  

If evidence is found, our termite inspector will explain what we found, where we found it (i.e. mud/shelter tubes in the garage, live termites in the siding, old termite damage in the crawlspace) and quote the service they feel is best for your property.  This would likely include the installation of the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System.  Of course, if you're interested in liquid termite treatment, we can provide you with that estimate as well.  

Termite Inspections And Home Buying Or Selling

If you're getting ready to list your home, wouldn't you rather find out now if termites are present before you have a buyer on the line?   Or if you've found your dream home and made an offer, wouldn't it be better to make sure the structure is termite free before your closing date?  Regardless of which side your on, a termite inspection is a good idea and one we can help you with.   

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