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How To Identify Yellow Jackets

Adult yellow jacket workers are about 3/8th to 5/8th of an inch in length, have six legs, and antennae. They have a black head and face, and a yellow and black patterned abdomen. Their waist is thin and pinched. They have elongated wings that fold laterally when at rest.

Why Do I Have A Yellow Jacket Problem?

Yellow jackets are social insects that live in very large colonies with thousands of workers. They build paper nests out of cellulose materials that they have chewed up. Yellow jackets usually build their nests in the ground, but if they have access, they will build them inside of homes, behind walls, in chimneys, in attics, under eaves, decks, or porches. They feed on sweets and proteins and can be quite a nuisance around outdoor garbage cans and outdoor events where food is being served.

Are Yellow Jackets Dangerous?

Yes, yellow jackets are dangerous. Yellow jackets are territorial and will very aggressively defend themselves and their nesting areas. Each individual can sting multiple times increasing the pain that they can inflict on a person or animal. A yellow jacket sting will form a red painful welt and the venom from a yellow jacket is strong enough that it can cause a severe allergic reaction in some people that requires immediate medical attention.

How Do I Control Yellow Jackets?

If you've discovered a nest on your property, do not touch it and risk your health.  Instead contact Russell's Pest Control for yellow jacket removal.  

Yellow Jacket Prevention Tips

You really can't stop yellow jackets from visiting or nesting on your property.  If you see a nest close to or on your home or another building, contact Russell's Pest Control right away.    

To avoid encounters with yellow jackets while you're outside,  we recommend:

  • Keeping sweet tea, sodas and other sugary drinks covered

  • Covering food when not being consumed during a BBQ or picnic

  • Wearing light-colored clothing

  • Skipping the perfume when you know you'll be outside

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