small brown stink bug in knoxville

How To Identify Stink Bugs

Adult stink bugs grow to about ¾ of an inch and they are about as wide as they are long. They have a distinctive triangle shape on their back which is where their other common name “shield bug” comes from. Adults are a mottled grayish-brown color with some lighter banding on their straight antennae and legs. They have sucking mouth-parts that they use for feeding on plants.

Why Do I Have A Stink Bug Problem?

Stink bugs are considered to be an agricultural pest because adults feed on fruits and other crops. Apples, peaches, corn, tomatoes, and soybeans are some of their favorites. Their newly hatched nymphs feed on the leaves, stems, and fruits of trees.

When the weather cools in the fall stink bugs congregate on the sunny and warm sides of homes and other buildings. They go into homes through cracks in the foundation and exterior walls. Once inside, they overwinter inside and behind walls and underneath floors. In the spring they emerge and move back outside.

Are Stink Bugs Dangerous?

Stink bugs do not bite people and aren’t known to transmit any diseases; however they are a major agricultural pest and can cause significant damage to orchards and farms. Stink bugs will release a foul smelling liquid when they feel threatened or are squished.

How Do I Control Stink Bugs?

The most effective way to get rid of stink bugs is with the help of Russell's Pest Control. Our home pest control services address stink bug activity and are a year round solution that also covers other common household pests.   

Stink Bug Prevention Tips

In order to prevent stink bugs from invading your home you need to:

  • Seal cracks or crevices in the foundation or exterior walls

  • Caulk gaps around exterior windows and doors

  • Install door sweeps

  • Make sure that insect screens are free of rips and tears and that vent covers are secure


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