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How To Identify Common House Spiders

Common house spiders are yellowish white in color, have an off-white colored abdomen dark stripped markings that create a chevron-like pattern on their body and legs. Females (3/16” – 5/16”) are bigger than males (1/8”- 3/16”).

Why Do I Have A Common House Spider Problem?

As their name suggests common house spiders are the most widely found species inside of homes. House spiders move into homes in search of food sources. They hide and build their webs in dark, quiet areas inside. Common places inside of homes where these spiders can be found include closets, basements, attics, crawl spaces, and in the corners of ceilings.

Are Common House Spiders Dangerous?

Common house spiders are not poisonous spiders like brown recluse or black widow spiders. They may bite if threatened but their venom is usually strong enough to cause harm to a person. More than anything, common house spiders are nuisance pests that builds unsightly webs in what seems to be the most noticeable places inside homes.  

How Do I Control Common House Spiders?

Spider control is a task for Russell's Pest Control. Our home pest control program covers these nuisance spiders in addition to over 30 common household pests. 

Common House Spider Prevention Tips

  • Block openings that house spiders can fit through

  • Reduce humidity levels

  • Install door sweeps

  • Remove their prey (i.e. other bugs)

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