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How To Identify Millipedes

Millipedes can be several different colors including red and orange, although most species are brown or black in color, some can have mottled patterns on their bodies. Millipedes are long and worm-like in appearance. Despite being referred to as “thousand leggers” most have between 30 and 90 leg with some larger species having more than 300 legs. They have two pairs of legs per body segment and walk with a wave-like motion.

Why Do I Have A Millipede Problem?

Millipedes can mostly be found living outdoors feeding on decaying leaves and other vegetation under rocks, logs, piles of leaves or grass clippings, and in mulch. Outdoor lighting can attract millipedes to deck and porch areas. If the weather becomes too dry they may move indoors in search of a moist environment. Inside homes millipedes may invade basements, bathrooms, crawl spaces, or other areas with high humidity levels.

Are Millipedes Dangerous?

No, millipedes are not dangerous because they do not bite, sting, or transmit any known pathogens to people. Millipedes will defend themselves by spraying a foul smelling fluid and if a person comes into contact with the fluid it may cause a skin irritation. The fluid may also make your home a bit smelly until it is washed away.

How Do I Control Millipedes?

When you partner with Russell's Pest Control, you can relax knowing that our pest control professionals will control millipedes and other household pests.  Interested in learning more about our home pest control plans?  Click here!

Millipede Prevention Tips

Lowering humidity levels in your home through the use of de-humidifiers, air-conditioners, and with proper ventilation can greatly reduce the chances of a millipede infestation occurring in your home. You should also remove piles of debris from around your yard, and seal cracks in your home’s foundation or exterior walls.


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