small black earwig on a banana peel

How To Identify Earwigs

Earwigs are most commonly identified by their long narrow body that two long cerci (pinchers) that come off of their backside. The cerci on females are straight while the male's cerci are more curved in shape. Adults are dark brown in color and grow to be about 5/8 of an inch in length. Earwigs are associated with a myth which claims that they climb into people ears and burrow into their brains in order to lay their eggs. Luckily for everyone this myth has no merit and is completely untrue.

Why Do I Have A Earwig Problem?

Earwigs are usually found living outdoors in big groups underneath piles of grass, mulch, leaves, logs or in hollow trees. They are nocturnal and hide during the day, coming out at night just to feed on insects, leaves, flowers, fruits, and mold. Earwigs prefer cool damp environments. If the temperatures become too hot or the ground becomes too dry they may move indoors to search for a more suitable place to live. They will enter homes through cracks in foundations, and exterior windows and doors.

Are Earwigs Dangerous?

No, earwigs are not dangerous. They look more threatening than they actually are. Their pinchers are used to defend themselves against each other and are rarely strong enough to pinch a person.

How Do I Control Earwigs?

Once they are inside of a home earwigs are difficult to control because they can invade so many different areas like basements, bathrooms, attics, crawl spaces. The best way to get rid of earwigs is with the help of a professional pest control expert. At Russell’s Pest Control, all three of our home pest control plans cover earwigs and we also offer one-time treatment for these nuisance pests.  

Earwig Prevention Tips

Deter earwigs by removing the conditions that attract them and making it hard for them to get inside.

  • Eliminate piles of grass, leaves and organic material from your yard

  • Place woodpiles up off of the ground and several feet away from the exterior of your home

  • Seal cracks and crevices in your home’s foundation

  • Caulk gaps found around windows and doors 


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