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How To Identify Camel Crickets

Camel crickets get their name from their overall humpbacked appearance. Unlike other crickets, they do not chirp because they lack sound producing organs. Adult camel crickets are light to dark brown in color with some mottling and dark banding on some of their segments. They do not have wings, instead they use their enlarged hind legs to jump. Adults grow to be between ½ and 1-½ inches in length.

Why Do I Have A Camel Cricket Problem?

Camel crickets prefer to live in dark, moist environments like under rocks, woodpiles, leaf piles, and mulch. They move inside of buildings looking for a moist environment when it becomes too hot and dry outside. Inside of homes they can be found in basements, crawl spaces, and storage rooms and humid attic spaces.

Are Camel Crickets Dangerous?

Camel crickets are not dangerous, but they are certainly a nuisance pest. Camel crickets do not bite or transmit any known diseases. If camel crickets have invaded your home in large numbers they may damage clothing, upholstery and other fabric items as they chew through them.

How Do I Control Camel Crickets?

Controlling camel crickets can be tricky since they are nocturnal and hide in dark and hard to reach areas. The best way to get rid of camel crickets is with the help of a professional pest control expert. At Russell’s Pest Control, we offer one-time and ongoing pest control services to eliminate camel crickets.  Visit our residential section, to learn more.

Camel Cricket Prevention Tips

Camel crickets are attracted to moisture, so reducing areas of moisture around your home is the key to prevention. Are your gutters clogged? Is your outdoor faucet leaking?  Fixing those will help deter camel crickets.  Inside your home, you should use a de-humidifier in the basement and other high humidity areas, make sure that your crawl space and/or attic is properly vented and seal all potential entry points. 

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