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Comfortable. Friendly. Relaxing! These are the adjectives that you would use when referring to Sweetwater, Tennessee. As the most populous city in Monroe County, Sweetwater offers residents exciting recreational experiences, excellent schools, wonderful neighborhoods, and a quaint downtown district complete with unique shops and amazing dining experiences.

When you meander through downtown Sweetwater, it is like going back in time to a place where honesty and integrity rule and where the customer still comes first. These are the same qualities that you will experience when you choose Russell’s Pest Control for your Sweetwater pest protection needs. Russell’s Pest Control offers industry-leading, effective solutions for your Sweetwater home or business that can protect your property from pests all year-long, or that can be used for a one-time service for a specific pest before a big event.

To learn more about our safe, effective, affordable pest protection solutions for your Sweetwater home or business, contact us today.

Sweetwater, TN Home Pest Control Services

home pest control inspection inside sweetwater tn home

Protecting your Sweetwater home from pests is an important part of maintaining your home’s value and keeping your family safe from the diseases that some pests can transmit. Rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, and countless other pests continuously search for properties that will provide them easy access to food and water sources and that will provide safe shelter from the elements. Once inside the temperature controlled environment of your home, many pests can remain active throughout the entire year. This is why so many of your friends and neighbors have chosen the expert home pest protection services offered by Russell’s Pest Control.

Our experts have designed three levels of service to help affordably and effectively meet the needs of every Sweetwater home:

  • "Power" pest control program – this is our most basic and least expensive plan that offers protection from more than 30 common household pests here in Sweetwater. With this plan, you will receive year-round protection with quarterly service visits. Plus, this plan is backed by the Russell’s pest-free guarantee.

  • "Power Gold" pest control program – this plan offers all the benefits of the Power plan, plus it adds termite monitoring and control services with the innovative Sentricon® System with Always Active™. As always, this year-round service is backed by our pest-free guarantee.

  • "Power Platinum" pest control program – this plan is our most comprehensive plan and offers all of the benefits of the Power Gold plan, plus it adds protection and control services for seasonal pests like mosquitoes and carpenter bees.

To discover which year-round pest protection plan is right for your Sweetwater home, contact us to set up your inspection today.

Commercial Pest Control in Sweetwater, TN

When you protect your business from harmful and damaging pests, you are protecting your customers and employees from potential illness, your product from contamination, your building from costly damages, and your reputation from tarnish. When you live in Sweetwater, the potential for a pest infestation is great. Our weather is perfect and the rural mountain surroundings and abundant sources of water nearby offer pests all that they need to thrive.

Many of these pests will eventually find the cracks in your defenses and find their way into your industrial facility, if you do not have year-round protection in place. This is why so many businesses across Tennessee have chosen year-round pest protection from the commercial pest control experts here at Russell’s Pest Control. We utilize Integrated Pest Management strategies to exclude pests and correct conditions that are drawing pests onto your property in order to limit the amount of materials that will need to be used.

When pests threaten your Sweetwater commercial property, give us a call. We will be happy to perform a thorough inspection, discuss our findings with you, and design a plan that will meet your needs and meet or exceed your specific industry’s requirements.

Bed Bug Control In Sweetwater,TN

tech treating sweetwater home for bed bugs

Bed bugs are an old pest that have learned a few new tricks, like how to sneak from place to place, how to escape detection in your home, and how to make the world’s best comeback from near extinction. While once merely the nuisance of days gone by, these pests have found their way back into the homes and businesses across the county and they have even made their way into properties here in Sweetwater.

But don’t panic. Russell’s Pest Control offers effective bed bug solutions for bed bug infestations in Sweetwater homes and businesses. Our bed bug experts can quickly and accurately identify a bed bug infestation, and we will discreetly eliminate the adults, nymphs, and eggs, utilizing eco-friendly heat remediation services or conventional applications. Plus, our experts will walk you through the entire process making it as easy and stress-free as possible.

To learn more about our expert services for complete eradication of bed bugs from your Sweetwater home or business, call us today!

Why Choose Russell's Pest Control in Sweetwater, TN

Russell’s Pest Control has more than 45 years of experience in successfully treating local pest pressures. Plus, we have access to the most innovative tools and technologies to ensure that you are receiving the safest and most effective solutions to your pest pressures. We are committed to complete customer satisfaction and are dedicated to helping our employees through extensive and continuous training opportunities.  Russell’s Pest Control holds category seven certification for wood destroying organisms, general pest and rodent control services. This qualifies our teams to offer these services in the following locations: industrial, institutional, structural, and health-related areas. Russell’s also holds category three certification to control pests and diseases of shrubs, trees, lawns, and other turf grasses.  

To learn more about why you should choose Russell’s Pest Control for your Sweetwater pest protection needs, read our reviews, talk to some of our customers, and then give us a call. We would be happy to discuss all the ways that we can help you achieve and maintain a pest free environment! 


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