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Rich with history and offering breathtaking scenic views, the little town that is the essence of America has got to be Sevierville, TN. Billed as “Your Hometown in the Smokies,” Sevierville’s patriotism and old-fashioned community spirit breathes life into this adorable community and offers residents a good life where people matter and your word is your word. Sevierville offers life the way it should be, and it is a life that is worth protecting.

Pests like mice, roaches, mosquitoes, termites, and more threaten the peace and serenity of Sevierville by posing a risk to the structural integrity of buildings and by endangering the health of those who call Sevierville home. However, Sevierville residents have a strong ally in the fight against harmful and damaging pests when they choose to partner with Russell’s Pest Control for year-round pest protection services.

The experts here at Russell’s Pest Control understand the local pest pressures because we are a local company that has been on the front lines of the battle against unwanted pests for more than 45 years. Our professionals are highly trained and certified to ensure that you receive the best possible solutions that are not only effective, but that are also safe for you, your family, and our environment. Protecting your Sevierville home or business from the harmful effects of pests is important, and who you have protecting your property is just as important.

Trust the name that thousands of your friends and neighbors have turned to for their pest control issues –Russell’s Pest Control.

Bed Bug Treatments in Sevierville, Tennessee

bed bug tech inspecting sevierville tn home for bed bugs

As bed bug infestations surge across the country, it is important to note that Sevierville home and business owners fall under their threat too. Every home or business here in Sevierville is at risk of a bed bug infestation no matter if it is tidy or not. While bed bugs have long been attached to the stigma of infesting homes that offer dirty, squalor conditions, this stigma is inaccurate. Bed bugs are looking for a meal. They do not care at all about cleanliness or the lack thereof - they simply want human blood.

Bed bugs are found wherever people frequent and they do not just live in beds. If you find that bed bugs have found their way into your Sevierville home, don’t panic. For fast, effective eradication of bed bugs in all stages of development, contact the bed bug experts at Russell’s Pest Control. With over 45 years of experience and the most up-to-date protocols and technologies, our bed bug experts will safely, effectively, and discreetly eliminate bed bugs from your Sevierville home.

Don’t spend one single sleepless night allowing bed bugs to bite here in Sevierville when our bed bug solutions are only a call away.

Residential Pest Control in Sevierville, TN

When you consider the damages that pests can cause and the illnesses that they can spread, there is no doubt that Sevierville homes need to consider a reliable, trusted pest control company for year-round pest protection services. This is where the Russell’s Pest Control Power Package plans come in. Whether you require basic protection from common pests, or if you require that basic protection with termite and/or seasonal services, the experts here at Russell’s Pest Control have you covered.

Our Power, Power Gold, and Power Platinum packages are some of the most comprehensive year-round pest coverage plans that you can get. They are effective ways to safely keep pests from choosing your Sevierville home to invade; and when they are combined with exclusion techniques, they form a barrier of protection that pests have difficulty crossing.

To see how Russell’s Pest Control and our Power Packages can help you prevent pest infestation in your Sevierville home, just give us a call today.

Sevierville, TN Termite Exterminators

russells tech inspecting exterior of home for termites

If you live or own a business in Sevierville, it is good to know that you have a trusted ally in the fight against destructive termites. The termite experts at Russell’s Pest Control have been safely protecting Sevierville homes from subterranean termites for more than 45 years. Our experts are authorized operators of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ system which offers complete year-round protection for complete year-round peace of mind.

Don’t pay a share in the billions of dollars’ worth of damages that termites cause each year across our county when you can avoid it by contacting the termite professionals here at Russell’s Pest Control. Be sure to ask about the Sentricon system and how it can help you avoid costly problems with termites here in Sevierville.

Mosquito Control in Sevierville, Tennessee

Mosquitoes sure have been making headlines this year. The emergence of the Zika virus and its spread to the U.S. has pushed these pesky little critters into the limelight – and rightfully so. Zika virus is scary business when it comes to the health of an unborn baby and understanding the threat of Zika is an important step in proactively preventing exposure but this is not the only dangerous disease that mosquitoes spread. West Nile virus, malaria, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, and several forms of encephalitis, among others, have all been prevalent for years and are spread by mosquitoes.  Zika is only the latest disease to highlight the need for active mosquito control protocols.

The mosquito pros here at Russell’s Pest Control know mosquitoes and can quickly identify resting and breeding sites and identify areas that are drawing these pests to your yard in the first place. When you couple our Integrated Pest Management protocols with our effective and safe product applications, you can greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes living and breeding on your property; and since mosquitoes do not typically travel very far from their breeding sites, your risk of a bite will be greatly diminished which in turn diminishes your risk of infection. Even though mosquitoes cannot be completely eliminated, when we all do our part, we can make a huge dent in their populations.

For safe, effective seasonal control of the mosquitoes in your yard, contact Russell’s Pest Control to discuss your mosquito solutions today.


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