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For more than 40 years, the pest professionals at Russell’s Pest Control have been providing the services that Knoxville and Eastern Tennessee home and business owners need to keep their homes free of damaging and annoying pests. The city of Oliver Springs, TN is known for being the small town with the big heart, and we want to help protect your home, family, and/or business through our pest control solutions that are effective and always the most advanced.

Contact us today to learn more about any of our pest control programs and how our friendly and experienced professionals can work with you to ensure a pest free property for you and your family far into the future! 

Residential Pest Control In Oliver Springs, TN

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You can trust the home pest control solutions from Russell’s Pest Control to protect your home and family from common home invading pests including ants, spiders, earwigs, fleas, cockroaches, mice, and more. We offer three year-round packages for our customers to choose from to ensure that your exact pest control needs are met.

Our most comprehensive package is the Power Platinum Package. This plan includes year-round protection from over 30 household pests, an initial inspection and treatment, quarterly pest service visits, the installation of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™, monthly service visits for mosquitoes, ticks, fire ants, and carpenter bees from April thru September.

Our Power Platinum Package and all of our Power Packages also come with the guarantee that if pests come back between visits, so will we at no cost to you! Click here to learn more about our highly effective, year-round pest control for your Oliver Springs home.

Learn How To Avoid Bed Bugs In Oliver Springs, TN

When it comes to avoiding large bed bug infestations from occurring in your Oliver Springs, TN home or business there are two things to remember: fast action and professional services are the only ways to solve a bed bug infestation. To begin the process of bed bug elimination, our trained professionals will carry out a thorough inspection where they will look for live bed bugs and/or signs of bed bugs.

If bed bugs are detected during our inspection, we will sit down with you to discuss treatment and provide a quote. At Russell’s, we recommend resolving a bed bug infestation through the use of bed bug heat treatments. Heat treatment is not only extremely effective- no stage of a bed bug's life can survive such high temperatures, but it is very eco-friendly as well, no chemicals are needed.

Other benefits of choosing heat to eliminate a bed bug infestation include: 

  • The complete elimination of an infestation generally only takes one treatment which can be completed in a single day

  • Immediate re-entry into your property

  • No residue is left behind

  • Heat penetrates all surfaces reaching and killing all bed bugs, even the bed bugs that can’t be seen

Don’t live with bed bugs for another day, give us a call to schedule an in-home pest evaluation today!


Protect Your Oliver Springs, TN Business From Pests

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At Russell’s Pest Control, we understand the importance of protecting Oliver Springs businesses from Tennessee pests. We know that every industry is unique and requires a customized solution. We will work with you to eliminate the things that are attracting pests to your facility-food, water, and shelter.

By eliminating their basic needs, through the principle of Integrated Pest Management, we can exclude pests from your facility and stop them from being attracted to your business in the first place!

Our commercial pest control services include:

  • An inspection of your facility

  • The identification of exterior and interior pest issues

  • Identifying the conditions that are attracting pests to your facilities like clogged drains, overgrown vegetation, and unsecured garbage

  • Correcting any issues that are identified

  • The development of a pest management plan that is exclusive to your business

Wolf Spider Prevention Tips For Oliver Springs, TN Residents

Judging only on their looks you would think they are a very dangerous species of spider; but, don’t judge a wolf spider by their cover, because in reality, wolf spiders are basically harmless to people. However, that doesn’t mean that you want these large, hairy spiders hanging around your home and property in large numbers.

To help prevent these spiny, 8-legged creatures from taking over your property we offer the following prevention tips:

  • Seal any gaps or openings found in the foundation or exterior walls.

  • Seal openings around air conditioning units and utility lines.

  • Make sure that window and door screens are free of rips and tears.

  • Install door sweeps on exterior doors.

  • Remove piles of debris from your property, place woodpiles away from the exterior of your home.

  • In storage areas keep clutter to a minimum in order to reduce the number of places that spiders have to hide.

  • Put into place a year-round pest control program to get rid of the insects inside your home that wolf spiders use as a food source.

To control wolf spiders in and around your Oliver Springs home or business contact the pest professionals at Russell’s Pest Control today. 



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