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To protect your Madisonville home or business from the many flying, crawling, jumping, and furry pests that also live in and around this beautiful Tennessee city, trust the local pest control experts that have over 40 years of experience in the pest control industry. To keep the pests that live in and around the mountains surrounding Madisonville out of your home or business, turn to the local pest control experts at Russell’s Pest Control. At Russell’s we have developed highly effective, modern, and budget-friendly pest control solutions to eliminate and control common Tennessee pests.

To learn more about any of our affordable pest control services, give us a call today at Russell’s Pest Control.

Residential Pest Control In Madisonville, TN

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Stopping pests before they have the chance to find their way into your Madisonville home is the best way to prevent them from introducing diseases to your family, from damaging your personal property, and from causing unneeded stress.

At Russell’s Pest Control our year-round residential pest control programs provide the services needed to prevent pest problems long into the future, protecting your family and home from pests. Each of our four, year-round residential pest control programs provide the effective services needed to battle Tennessee pests. Our four plans are the Power program, the Power Gold program, the Power Plus+ program and the Power Platinum program.

Our most popular plan is our Power Gold program. It offers customers quarterly pest services, our Pest Free Guarantee, coverage against more than 30 common pests, and termite control through the installation of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ to protect your home from wood-eating insects. To learn the details about any of our four year-round pest protection programs, give us a call today!

Learn How To Limit Mosquito Exposure In Madisonville, TN

To help limit your exposure to disease-spreading mosquitoes while spending time outside enjoying the summer weather with family and friends, Russell’s Pest Control offers the following tips:

  • When outside you and your children should always wear an effective mosquito repellent of your choice.

  • Wear light-colored clothing when spending time outside in areas of dense mosquito populations. Mosquitoes are much more attracted to darker clothing than lighter-colored clothing.

  • If at all possible avoid spending time outside when mosquitoes are at their most active, dusk and dawn.

  • Mosquitoes are very attracted to people who are consuming alcohol. when spending time outside stick to non-alcoholic beverages to help avoid mosquito bites.

  • Make your property less attractive to mosquitoes by removing areas of standing water found on your property.

  • Make sure that screens in your windows and doors are completely intact to keep mosquitoes out of your home and away from you and your family.  

In addition to the above tips, Russell’s Pest Control can help limit mosquito numbers on your property through our seasonal mosquito treatments which include inspection, initial treatment, and follow-up treatments. Protect your home and family from mosquitoes and common household insects (and save money) by bundling our mosquito-control service with our home pest control service.

To learn more about our Power Plus program, which includes seasonal mosquito control, get in touch with us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Madisonville, TN

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At Russell’s Pest Control, we want to help you protect your Madisonville business’ reputation from being damaged by insects, rodents, and other pests. In this day and age of technology and social media, it only takes one negative review about your facility, or one picture of a pest inside of your business, to negatively affect your business’ bottom line.

To begin protecting your business and its reputation from invasive and damaging pests, our professionals perform a full inspection of your facility and grounds. After analyzing your facility, our technicians will design a program, tailored to meet your facilities exact needs, which will eliminate current pest problems as well as prevent future pest problems. In addition to offering general pest control solutions inside commercial facilities, we also offer termite control services to stop wood-eating termites from causing costly damage inside your business.

To learn more about controlling and eliminating pests, including termites, from your Madisonville business, give us a call to schedule a free commercial pest evaluation!

Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs In Madisonville, TN

It sounds simple, just avoid bed bugs and you won’t have a problem with them in your home. But, at Russell’s Pest Control, we understand that this is much easier said than done! Bed bugs can be found hiding in any public place. Their flat, oval-shaped bodies are perfectly designed to fit into the tiniest of cracks and crevices, which allows them to easily hide from view. Even a person with the best intentions to keep bed bugs out could end up sharing their home with these parasitic pests.

If you discover that bed bugs have found their way into your Madisonville home, your first instinct may be to panic, but this isn’t necessary. Instead, call the professionals at Russell’s Pest Control. We can effectively control bed bugs through our quality bed bug control services which always begin with a thorough inspection. If, after an inspection is completed, bed bugs are discovered in your home, our pros will discuss treatment options and provide a quote immediately. At Russell’s, we strongly recommend using heat to treat bed bug infestations. This method of treatment is non-invasive, eco-friendly, and fast-acting.

For more information about protecting your property from bed bugs, get in touch with us today to schedule a bed bug inspection for your Madisonville home.


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