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Nestled at the foot of the Great Smokey Mountain National Park, beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee is considered one of the fastest growing U.S. cities,and for good reason. Ideal temperatures, mild winters, an abundance of water and close proximity to mountainous woodlands makes Knoxville the perfect place to live and work. Unfortunately, the exact things that make Knoxville perfect for people are what attract insects, rodents and wildlife.

Not to worry: locally-owned and family-operated Russell’s Pest Control operates right out of Knoxville and has the knowledge, experience and tools to resolve pest problems, no matter how severe. On the cutting edge of pest control for over 40 years, our highly trained and certified pest control specialists understand the local pest pressures because they live here too. Local folks providing local service!

If your home or business is fighting a never ending battle against ants, spiders and other pests, it’s time to call in the professionals. Give Russell’s Pest Control a call, it’s our privilege to serve the Knoxville community.

How To Get Rid Of Wolf Spiders & Other Arachnids In Knoxville TN

technician de webbing home in knoxville tn

One of the most common pests here in Knoxville, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, are spiders. Even though common household spiders are not particularly dangerous, they surely can cause a lot of work and a huge headache! It is so frustrating to completely dust and vacuum the house and clear every corner and ceiling of those annoying webs only to find that they have returned and seemingly multiplied in a matter of days. Who knew that spiders would cause us to have to vacuum our ceilings and walls as much as we do our floors?

Removing spider webs is bad enough, but the thought that those creepy little creatures are lurking around in the dark, hidden nooks and crannies of your home is even worse! So too is the thought that they wouldn’t even be there if they didn’t have an adequate food source, and what do they eat? Insects! Inevitably, the appearance of spiders can also be an indication that you also have an insect problem.

Here in Knoxville that problem can be eliminated when you call on Russell’s Pest Control. We have three different pest control plans for you to choose from that successfully control wolf spiders, house spiders and over 30 other common household pests. When you choose Russell’s you get state-of-the-art technology, products, and exclusion techniques and team dedicated to getting rid of spiders and other pests from your home.

Spiders are active year-round here in Knoxville, which means that you need the year-round protection of one of our Power Package programs. Give us a call today and see how easy and inexpensive it is to keep spiders, and other common pests, out of your home.

Home Pest Control In Knoxville TN

Living in Knoxville brings with it some unique challenges with insects and rodents. This problem, however, is no problem at all when you partner with Russell’s Pest Control. Our affordable year-round Power Package programs are effective in controlling over 30 common household pests. It is as simple as choosing the package that is right for you!

Power Package – A great way to guard against over 30 common pests, our basic pest control program includes an initial inspection and treatment followed by quarterly visits. It also comes with the Russell’s guarantee! If pests return, so do we!

Power Gold Package– This very affordable plan offers all the same protections as the Power Package with the added benefit of the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. The Sentricon system helps to guard against termites and is effective in catching the wood destroying insects before they have the chance to invade potentially saving your home from termite damage and the costly repairs that follow. Like the Power Package, this level also include Russell’s guarantee.

Power Platinum Package – Our most inclusive plan includes protection from over 30 common pests and wood destroying termites PLUS mosquitoes, ticks, carpenter bees and fire ants when in season. This year-round service also includes an initial inspection and treatment, installation of the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System, and quarterly services PLUS monthly service for mosquitoes, ticks, carpenter bees, and fire ants from April thru September. And of course, we guarantee our services.

No matter which package you choose, you can rest easy knowing that the home pest control experts at Russell’s Pest Control are on the job.

Seeing Signs Of Termites In Knoxville? Russell's Can Help

russells technician treating home for termites in knoxville

Knoxville’s mild weather allows termites to flourish all year round. In fact, temps rarely get low enough to affect termite activity, which means that these destructive pests are at work all day every day. They do not take breaks. Termites eat away at the structural and support beams in the dark recesses of your home but will also attack anything made of wood. Causing over $5 billion in damages annually here in the United States, they are a serious threat and one Knoxville property owners must be aware of.

If you’re concerned about termite activity in your home or business or simply want to be proactive, partner with Russell’s for effective termite control in Knoxville. Our trained and certified termite control specialists will inspect your structure, looking for the discreet signs that termites leave behind. If termites are detected, we’ll get to work right away exterminating the termite problem. To avoid re-infestation or to be proactive and keep termites out before they ever gain access, we recommend installing the very effective Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. This discreet system does not require any drilling or trenching, and the bait is irresistible and deadly to termites.

Avoid having to pay for the costly damages that termites in Knoxville cause by partnering with Russell’s Pest Control today. You will be glad you did.

Knoxville Exterminators Take Care Of Bed Bugs, Mosquitoes & More!

If you live or work in Knoxville, we have great news for you! Here at Russell’s Pest Control, there is not a Knoxville pest that we haven’t met! Our technicians have seen it all over the 40 plus years we have been exterminating pests here. And, that is great news because it means that we not only have the equipment, training, and products to serve this community, but we also have the practical experience. And, experience is the best teacher of all.

There is not a pest issue, no matter how large or how small, that we haven’t seen or can’t handle. Our technicians, for example, can efficiently and discreetly eliminate bed bugs no matter what stage they are in. Our certified technicians are also skilled in mosquito control. Although mosquitoes cannot be completely eliminated, their numbers can be greatly reduced through practical prevention methods and targeted treatment of breeding sites and common mosquito hang-outs.

Whether you need to control insects and rodents in your residence, commercial property, warehouse, or office complex the team at Russell’s Pest Control has the expertise to efficiently and discreetly eliminate your pest issue. Give us a call to learn more about our Knoxville pest control services and how Russell’s Pest can help keep you, your family, or your business safe from pests and the dangers they can pose.


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